Blog Roundup Time! Weekly Inspiration (Vol. 23)

Welcome to the Friday inspirational roundup! While I occasionally publish it on Saturdays, I much prefer it going live on Friday as it’s the end of many peoples’ work weeks and always nice to get a bit of inspiration as we head into the weekend. That being said, do you have a preference for when it publishes?

Here are the latest inspiration blog posts from… you!

Inspiration in the blogging community

Let’s continue to inspire one another! Pexels photo (CC0).

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Are You Really Monetizing Your Strengths?

Career, you, and fulfillment

Find a career that suits you. Pexels photo (CC0).

When it comes to finding a career that really suits you, the choices in front of you can be dizzying. How you’re supposed to choose from a list of seemingly endlessly career paths is anyone’s guess. You might feel more comfortable trying to solve twenty mind-based puzzles in under an hour. Even those who are otherwise successful in a career might not feel that they have found their true calling so far. No matter if you’re a newbie to the job market or you’ve been in it for several decades, the opportunity always exists for you to find your true potential

The best question to ask yourself is this: ‘Am I really monetizing my strengths?’ Finding our way through life is all the better for knowing our preferences at any one moment. If you have strengths otherwise underdeveloped and lacking, finding the best career space for them might allow for them to blossom and become even better than you expected.

The general rule to rely on is that if you have a spark or some form of innate talent at something then it has the potential to develop through discipline and hard work. For this reason, this post is concerned with helping you achieve this. If you feel yourself in any way connected or interested in a select profession below and its accompanying description you might have found your new career focus.

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A Few Tips for Protecting Your Senses

Sense of touch in motion

Taking care of your senses. Pixabay photo (CC0).

Most of us take our senses for granted but the fact is that any one of them could be taken away from us at any moment, especially as we age. That’s why it’s so important that, when we’re doing things to take care of our health and wellbeing, we don’t forget about them either. With that in mind, here are some simple tips for taking care of your senses: Continue reading