Getting The Best Night’s Sleep: What You Need To Know

Experts recommend that we try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. People who don’t spend enough time with their eyes closed in bed could experience many unwanted effects. For instance, you might notice that you become overly tired or confused at work. You could also lose your appetite and develop mental health conditions. With that in mind, this post offers some tips everyone can use. Continue reading


Author James J. Cudney IV on Writing an Inspiring Female Character

Today we have author James J. Cudney IV in the house! In this guest post, he shares with us about the inspiring female character of Olivia in his debut book Watching Glass Shatter. I have a copy of the book and look forward to the read. Cheers to wonderful visions of women like the one James tells us about below.


When Christy and I chatted about writing a guest post for her blog, I was honored and scared – who wouldn’t be? ‘When Women Inspire’ spotlights inspirational women and ways to make positive impacts. I was scared because I’m not a woman, but honored because she knows I solidly support equality and love across all aspects of life. As an author, I have a few stories or characters that might fit the message, but the first who came to mind was Olivia, from Watching Glass Shatter. Continue reading