The Last One of 2017! Weekly Inspiration Roundup Vol. 25

Wow, this year is almost over, and it’s gone by like *snaps finger*. I cannot believe the days are flying by so fast! It has been full of fun times though, and I include some work assignments in that 😉 I wish you a marvelous 2018 ahead ♥

Here are some of the inspiring words you’ve shared with us in this final week of 2017 at your blogs:

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John’s Believe It Or Not… Spotlight on Jeanne Mathilde Sauvé

Thanks John Fioravanti for including Jeanne Mathilde Sauvé in your recent Believe It or Not series. She was the first woman Canadian history to take the position of Governor General, in addition to being the first female Speaker of the House the Commons (1980), and being an advocate for peace. Please follow John’s informative blog while you are over there.

Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti

It’s Saturday! Did You Know…

* 1983 – Jeanne Sauvé named as Canada’s first female Governor General.

Jeanne Mathilde Sauvé PC CC CMM CD (née Benoît) (April 26, 1922 – January 26, 1993) was a Canadian journalist, politician, and stateswoman. She was the first woman in Canadian history to become Governor General. She was a notable first female in a variety of additional positions, including Speaker of House the Commons, and was dedicated to the pursuit of peace and the advancement of youth.

Sauvé had been a long-time sufferer from cancer. In the weeks leading to her inauguration she unexpectedly became ill, and nearly died in the hospital. She made a surprising recovery, however, and was ultimately able to be sworn in on May 14, 1984, without delay.

Sauvé was a staunch advocate of issues surrounding youth and world peace, and the dove of peace is one of the elements incorporated…

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Gain Inspiration from These Ski and Snow Sportswomen

Today’s inspiration is courtesy of InTheSnow Magazine, based in the UK. The guest post below focuses on the great accomplishments of women in winter sports. These ski and snow sportswomen truly are awesome!


On my last girls’ (or should I really be saying women’s) night out we got to talking about schools and the rights and wrongs of labelling ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ separately and what that then led to. One of the discussion points was segregation in school sport and the fact it was based on sex not size or ability. The girls always seemed to get second choice of the sports field or equipment and had virtually no opportunities for competitive and team sports outside school grounds. Girls who were competitive or physically strong were odd and not celebrated.  Compare this experience to the boys where sporting prowess and a competitive nature were desirable characteristics. They had several teams and competed against other schools. It sets a president about how kids view themselves and, certainly for ladies of my generation, set an expectation (or lack thereof) about our sporting aspirations.

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