Meaningful Monday’s~ Bullying~

“Words wound and scar,” as Sue Dreamwalker says in this post. Please head over to her insightful post on bullying to read more. ♥

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

When I  was in school  in the days before the internet, I knew what it was to be bullied at an All Girls School, by girls in the school. 

I was the child with a home-made gingham summer  school uniform that my mother had made. It had  an extra  deep, doubled rolled hem and a bought lace collar along with pres-studs down the front. With buttons sewn on top. At first I was so proud of my new dress, because it had a fancy collar made of lace, not plain like the others. And I proudly went off to my new School aged 11.My dress started out miles too big. But  each year as I grew the hem was let down, you could see the material hem marks of each layer…  And it was a good thing that it was in those later  years, the mini skirt was in fashion.

My winter…

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18 thoughts on “Meaningful Monday’s~ Bullying~

  1. Another topic we should talk more about! Bullying is NOT OK & we need to do more about it. I think some people believe it no longer happens…

  2. Dear Christy.. Many thanks dear friend for resharing my post.. I really appreciate you shared on here…
    Much Love and Gratitude to you, I know you understand also this topic very well my friend..
    Love and Hugs dear Christy and enjoy your Sunday 🙂
    Sue 🙂

  3. Hi Christy…

    Hard subject matter as it brings back many thoughts of youth. The bully has always been there close at hand to exercise their self appointed tactics. I was the scapegoat for one such bully until the day I chose to stand my ground, what ensued was establishing a new role. I decided at an early age I would not be like him and chose rather to to love and respect.

    Hugs from Alberta

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