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5 brilliant ways to care for your elderly family members

Elderly family members care tips

Supporting your family shows kindness and caring. You may be an excellent parent to your children, but are you also a wonderful caregiver to an elderly family members? Here are five ways you can help them during their later years.

Help them with weekly tasks and chores

Whether it’s helping seniors with their shopping or vacuuming the house, these things can be a huge help for older people. Doing such laborious tasks saves them from them having to do it themselves and lowers their risk of having an accident or taking on too much stress. Either phone them up or visit them on a weekly basis and ask if they want you to do any jobs for them. They’ll likely adore you for doing this and think the world of you.

Ensure you’re checking up on their health regularly

They may not notice or possibly ignore their own health problems, so it’s important that you step in now and then. It’s vital that your elders check with their doctors before making any serious health decisions.

If they require regular treatment from medical consultants, ensure they can travel to wherever they need to go to get it. To help them treat osteoporosis, have a look at the supplements available to help them.

The winter proves the most difficult time for elderly people and is the time when they require the most care to face the cold. Therefore, it’s crucial to check up on them regularly to ensure they have enough food and heating supplies.

Take them out on day trips

Consider taking a relaxing day trip. There are lots of destinations that are accessible by companion wheelchair and have been built specifically for elderly people. You could also get them involved in a club where they can spend time with others and enjoy activities such as dancing, bingo and crafts.

Be willing to look after them on a long-term basis

Inevitably your elders will get to a time in their life when they’ll need constant care. If a nursing home is out of the question, consider looking after them in the comfort of your own home. However, taking care of elderly parents or other family members can sometimes put a big strain on the rest of your family.

Make sure you’re aware of the changes that will happen and whether you, your partner and children are prepared to accept these.

Let them know you’re there when they need you

Being elderly can be a frightening and daunting time. One doesn’t feel as physically capable as before and are more likely to need help with tasks that once seemed easy.

Just by letting an older family member know that you will help them whenever you can, even whether it’s something trivial or more serious, can be a huge weight taken off the senior’s shoulders.

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  1. Fabulous tips, and I would often go help my grandma and my elderly aunt, taking my aunt out for for the day or for a meal, she so looked forward to. And later when housebound, our visits, and doing little bits around the home..
    Excellent reminders Christy
    Hope if you celebrate Thanksgiving you have enjoyed.. Here in the UK we don’t celebrate.. See you when I get back, as going on hols for a while.. :-)
    Take care of You.. Hugs your way xxx
    Sue <3

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