Mitigating Health Issues In The Depths Of Winter

Health and you in winter

Winter prep! Pexels Photo (CC0).

We all know that winter comes with it’s difficulties. It might be avoiding that patch of ice on your driveway path every morning. It might be making it to work in blizzard like conditions. It could be mitigating your health issues when the temperatures have dropped. This latter issue can be the most insidious. The plummeting temperature can often lead your immune system to become weaker, as the lack of vitamin D and warmth contributes to your system working overtime to function as it normally does.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure you take care of any health issues you are currently experiencing with an added degree of caution. The winter weather can make even seemingly innocuous health issues worse, especially if you’re in an older stage of life.

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A Little Girl’s Heart and a Chance to Help!

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Books, Books and More Books!


I would love to introduce you all to Ember and her mom Jessie. When the floods hit Houston and Ember heard about it, she wanted to do her own fundraiser for a specific family her mom helped her choose.

Ember is Charli and Corbin’s cousin and Jessie is their aunt. She also teaches and runs her own ballet studio,( Ascend Studios) which is where we went for the event. Ember is 7 like Charli.

For weeks this little girl worked on making tiny wreaths, Christmas ornaments and other crafts. There was also a table with craft supplies for kids to make and take something. Auntie Jessie had made hundreds of butter cookies to sell by order. I bought 6 dozen!

So today Jessie said they raised around $300! And this was just a private FB pop up event. As Jessie said, ” Can you imagine this time of year…

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The good, the bad and the ugly of over-exercising

Today it is my pleasure to welcome author Robbie Cheadle to the blog! When I found out that this children’s book writer used to be a spin class instructor, I approached her about potentially submitting a post about her fitness experiences. She kindly obliged (thank you!).

In the post below, Robbie Cheadle explains about her relationship with exercise, including over-exercising at one point in her life. Have you known anyone with this type of obsession? Also, find out more about Robbie and Michael Cheadle’s Sir Chocolate book series and the first release from the Silly Willy series, titled Silly Willy goes to Cape Town. These children’s books delight, as does Robbie’s blog. Now, let’s give Robbie the stage.

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