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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 17

Embracing motivational writing

It’s Friday and you know what that means here: It’s time for the weekly roundup of inspirational blog posts! I delight in finding a range of posts from all of you to include in this weekly feature. Thank you as always for your high-quality writing and for putting yourself out there with your creativity, knowledge, opinions, and memories. I value you all!

Fall is Fabulous

I’ll be honest. Fall’s beauty has usually been lost on me. I’m a total summer lover! This year, though, I’ve enjoyed watching the leaves turn and begun to see why some many of you enjoy the autumn season. When I read Why I Love Fall by Amy Caudill, I learned a bit more about the treasures of this particular time of year. In such uncertain times as those that our world faces right now, let’s enjoy the beauty of nature.

Necessities when Feeding Baby

Ah, parenting. There ought to be a manual! If such a book did exist, this Baby Food Favorites blog post at Chasing Jameson would surely be in it. This blogger kindly shares everything she relies on to feed baby Jameson throughout the week, from which storage containers are best to recommendations for highchairs and bibs. Judging from the many comments left by readers, this blog post has tips that many parents are looking for. So, I want to share it to a wider audience by including it in the weekly roundup.

All About Head Injuries

If you regularly read Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s ADD and So Much MORE blog (I do!), then you know she writes posts that are well-researched and insightful. This one on head injuries explains the alarming effects of hits to the brain, particularly on attention and focus. While the types of injuries can vary, the consistent point here is that it is a big issue. Brain damage from head injuries can lead to attention struggles, for example, and Madelyn highlights common symptoms and manifestations of this in her post. You might also find yourself isolating, which can result in loneliness.

Halloween, Now and Then

Of course, earlier this week was Halloween, so I have to include a blog post on it! Over at His Perfect Timing, you can read about the history of this special day in October, as well as reading this blogger’s words about her own Halloween experiences then and now. She describes her fall tradition of spending time with those she cares about at home and church on Halloween and includes some fun videos in honor of the spooky day.

Divorce Support Party

Author and blogger D.G. Kaye put together a fascinating interview this week at D.G. Kaye Writer. She interviews Lisa Thomson, who you may know from the blog titled The Great Escape Divorce Support at Lisa Thomson Live. Lisa writes primarily about relationship issues, such as divorce, with a focus on helping women. The questions that D.G. asks her lead to some great discoveries, including what inspired her to write her books and more about navigating a healthy divorce. I love supporting intelligent women who help others so this is a must-share inspirational blog post.

45 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 17”

  1. Your weekly roundups always inspire! Love what you wrote here and love the beautiful posts you included. I’m headed over especially to the Curly Girl blog to see about that Letter to my Younger Self. I love those kinds of posts because of the wisdom they impart. And I love fall’s beauty. I prefer the heat of summer, but I can appreciate fall’s colors and golden beauty. But when all the leaves are gone? Sigh…hehe. In any case, sending you hugs and I hope you have a fabulous week!

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by Cyndi and for your beautiful words! You’re like me, a summer gal, but really the changing of the leaves this year is gorgeous :) Hugs!

  2. Great list of posts and inspiration… The letter to your younger self is something I’ve never done, but it has made me wonder how I would feel if I received such a letter from myself ‘in the future.’ I think I would definitely freak my ’16 year-old self’ out :-) So much learning and experiencing life I could never have imagined. Wishing you a great weekend.

    1. I appreciate the support! Divorce parties, just another new thing to learn about! I love to learn something new every day. Sending you a smile as the weekend begins :)

  3. Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC

    It’s such a thrill to see my article included this week, Christy. Thank you, my dear friend.

    I’m looking forward to reading your other recommendations. I think I’ll start with the “invisible disabilities” post – RIGHT up my alley!

    1. It’s my pleasure to recommend not only your post but your site as a whole, Madelyn xx I’m wishing you a weekend of wellness and smiles :)

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