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Thoughts and Physical Health: Exploring the Connection

Mental and body states are connected

Today I’m over at the Professionals Health Connection blog to discuss the role of thoughts on physical health. Thank you to Joan for inviting me over to guest post! I recommend you hit the Follow button on her blog to receive regular posts about fitness, from targeted exercises to strength building.

In this guest post titled How Our Thoughts Affect Our Physical Health, I explore how a person’s mental state can affect physical health, for better or worse. The thought-body connection is an intriguing one, and I hope you find the read useful for you.

♥ Christy

24 thoughts on “Thoughts and Physical Health: Exploring the Connection”

  1. Hey Christy, thanks for popping by my blog. I read your guest post, very well written and so many take-aways. Healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand. Thanks for taking the time to write the post.

  2. I actually did an interesting therapy that is similar to this thought process called somatic therapy which connects your thoughts to where you will then feel it in your body and how thoughts and feelings affect the body as well as the mind. It was fascinating. Enlightening really. Very difficult therapy but enlightening

    1. Somatic therapy sounds challenging but like it could really have its benefits, Bethany! I’d like to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing that!

    2. I would go in and we would talk about a flashback and then as I would tell her her about it she would ask where I felt it in my body and i would discuss every square inch of my body and find the one spot that felt calm and relaxed and we would focus on that and then we would decide what the painful part of my body needed if it was comfort, safety, and we would give it that with imagery. That is only a small example of the big process. It was a year process and I need one more year but was unable to get to the appointments anymore unable to drive. So I am working I through it on my own.
      Mindfulness is very important so I try to go for walks to clear my mind completely and focus on anything other than thoughts. Because we can feel our thoughts in our body. I know that for sure now.

    3. That is a long process you describe and really does give me more knowledge of it through your description – thank you for it! I went through CBT and that helped me understand the strength of our thoughts over our emotions and behavior. <3

    4. I did CBT first for a year. Then I moved into this. Honestly it was too overwhelming for me. It truly was enlightening but it was too much and I should have spaced it out more. I’m going to do EMDR when I am up for it but right now my physical health has taken a downward spiral and I need to get back on my feet. It is really all so interconnected.
      I found CBT to be really helpful in so many aspects. But with PTSD I did need the somatic therapy knowledge.

    1. It’s been a wonderful experience, Joan! I like the images you put in the post and how you organized it. I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead :)

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