Thoughts and Physical Health: Exploring the Connection

Today I’m over at the Professionals Health Connection blog to discuss the role of thoughts on physical health. Thank you to Joan for inviting me over to guest post! I recommend you hit the Follow button on her blog to receive regular posts about fitness, from targeted exercises to strength building.

In this guest post titled How Our Thoughts Affect Our Physical Health, I explore how a person’s mental state can affect physical health, for better or worse. The thought-body connection is an intriguing one, and I hope you find the read useful for you.

♥ Christy


Community Is So Much More Than You Think

For a lot of people, community is a big deal. It’s not just a group of people that happen to live or work in the same place; it’s a group of people that we lean on when times are hard. It’s people we get to know on a personal level, beyond taking in their parcels and helping in a crisis. They’re a support system, and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with a tight-knit community who has your back, you’re in a position of great wealth. As a group, humans are generally selfish; we think about ourselves first before others and sometimes that’s okay. But when there are times of trouble, we need support and we need to be there for others and support them too. Being a part of a community can sometimes go beyond the standard wave hello on the way to work. It’s coming together as a whole and making the local area safe. It’s coming together and enjoying festivities and holidays and having the children get to know each other. Continue reading