Healthy Living: Ways To Better Maintain Yourself

Physical activity is a good thing
Be active but don't overexert yourself as this could result in damage. Pexels, CC0 License.

Healthy living isn’t a luxury reserved for the fitness experts. Anybody can make steps towards better looking after themselves and it doesn’t require a strenuous daily workout at the gym or a crash diet consisting solely of fruit and vegetables. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is about adopting a consistent routine centered around taking care of your body and mind.

Think of maintaining your health in the same way as maintaining your car; you need to keep it running on a frequent basis but you shouldn’t overexert it if you want to avoid damage. Oh, and regular check-ups are a smart idea. Here are some ways in which you could better maintain yourself if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Physical activity is a good thing
Be active but don’t overexert yourself as this could result in damage. Pexels, CC0 License.

Keep your body active.

The first and most simple step towards better maintaining yourself is to keep your body active. Again, this doesn’t mean you have to overexert yourself. If you don’t like hitting the gym for hours at a time then that’s fine. All that matters is you find some way to keep your body active to some degree every day. Physical activity is about more than helping you lose weight or keep in shape (although both of those things are important with regards to maintaining good health). Keeping your body active is important because it keeps your heart healthy, reducing the risk of heart disease and other illnesses in the future. It also does a lot to keep your mind alert, happy, and active. It can help to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress, meaning that you’ll feel more motivated to exercise in the future once you take that initial plunge and just start.

If you’re struggling to find a form of exercise that works for you then think outside the box. If you hate the gym then you should try a style of exercising that’s a little more sociable and fun; sport might be a good option for you. Of course, if the opposite is the case and you’ve never been into sports then you might want to try the gym or something a little more casual such as jogging. You could head to your local park and turn a pleasant scenic experience into your daily exercise routine. Even a brisk walk can make a huge difference and help to keep your body active. Set yourself the task of hitting 10,000 steps a day and you’ll see the change in terms of stamina and general mental health.

Visit your doctor regularly.

This is something that most of us don’t do often enough. If you want to maintain your health then you need to put more effort into seeing your GP more regularly. It’s not something you should reserve for serious medical problems; seeing your doctor on a more frequent basis is important with regards to preventing problems from developing in the future. Not all health problems are immediately noticeable.

Of course, not everybody can access their local GP as quickly or as easily as they want to. You might want to look into home health care services because there are options in this digital era to contact your doctor using nothing more than a tablet and an internet connection. There are so many different medical services and options in the modern age that there’s really no excuse to avoid getting a check-up whether you’re experiencing health problems or not.

Don't sweep depression under the rug
Emotional stability is integral to healthy living. Pexels photo (CC0).

Check your mental health.

A final but crucial point is that you need to check your mental health on a frequent basis. In fact, this is something you should check every day by taking a few minutes to close your eyes, switch off from the world, and reflect on your thoughts. Living healthily is all about emotional stability, so eating well and exercising frequently isn’t enough. You need to focus on your breathing and your body from time to time so that you can switch off all the noise in your life and ask yourself whether you’re okay.

If you think you’re experiencing anxiety, stress, depression or other mental problems, whether they’re a new development or you’ve always suffered from them, don’t sweep your mental struggles under the rug. It’s important to give your mental health just as much of a priority as your physical health. Look to your sleeping pattern first. In the majority of cases, mental health problems start with sleep deprivation. Make sure you’re not only getting 8 hours of sleep but 8 hours of quality sleep; even a more comfortable mattress can change the way you feel when you wake up each morning.


  1. The “sleep” part popped out at me, Christy. I miss “sleeping like a baby” but those days have been long gone for several years. I usually sleep for a solid four then toss and turn until it’s time to get up – and that’s if I fall asleep right away. So, no, I don’t sleep well anymore and it’s all hormonal, so I’m riding it through until it passes. Luckily, I work part-time right now, so I don’t have to get up super early for work. If I did, I’d probably need more coffee. 🙂

  2. Glad you mentioned that the ‘mental’ us is just as important as the ‘physical’ for us. But it’s interesting how a brisk walk can help a person in the doldrums suddenly see the joy in the color of the trees and the smile of a child. Walking, helping others, eating our veggies, and BREATHING are all great benefits to mind body and soul. Love your posts, Christy.

  3. Great health-related articles,dear Christy.We all roughly know about what is good or bad for us,but it’s wonderful to have a good source of constant information and learn more things.My ancestors strongly supported the maxim “νοῦς ὑγιής ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ ” – “(a) healthy mind in a healthy body”.Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful series,my friend 🙂

  4. Great post Christy, a spot on for Virtual Assistants like me who are so busy working from home that health looses it’s priority and health issues begin. A good reminder to start my daily dose of check ups and exercise. 🙂 Had to share the post

  5. Wonderful advice here dear Christy.. And since my retirement I noticed that I need to make myself exercise more.. While I do gardening.. Its amazing how when you sit for long periods in front of a computer screen or with my knitting.. How quickly your muscles cease up.. And lose their power..
    So a month ago I started again some Rumba exercises and small weight lifting for my arm muscles.. While I ached to begin with, I am slowing building up muscle strength again..

    Sending Love and Hugs my friend xx <3

  6. Again such a great post on health and fitness, Christy. Agree with you that maintaining yourself has to be done on different levels. While balance is hard to achieve, we can always try to live a better life by the choices that we make consistently, regularly. For the longest time I grew up in a culture that prided on eating rice every day and that going to the doctor was only meant for when you are sick. Having been an adult for a while know, I realise that rice doesn’t always bode well with my body (and carbs and sugar), and going for therapy for my anxiety had a big impact on my life. Mental health is so important, and my therapist taught me that it’s important to have something to look forward to – and for me, that is writing and blogging and having some good tunes to listen to 🙂 Amazing writing as always and sending you a big hug from across the miles <3

    • Mabel, I love your comments! Your reaching out for anxiety support is wonderful to hear – and I know you are only going to benefit from the therapy. As for what you say about balance, you’re quite right that it’s not easy to achieve for any of us, even those who make it seem simple to do. Many hugs, I feel your hugs and adore them!! <3

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