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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 12

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Welcome to the world of blogging, you might say enthusiastically to a new blogger. Whether you have had your blog one month, one year, or longer, it is an experience unlike any other. Enjoy friendships, a sense of community, and learn from all you read in a range of posts, from home improvement to author interviews. Here are 3 inspirational blog posts I’ve had the pleasure of reading this past week.

Tips on Having “The Talk” with Your Child

If your child is entering puberty, then it might be time to have the talk about the changes they’re experiencing with their bodies and about sex. At The Beginning of “THE TALK” Wraem Sanders writing about her conversations with her son about girls. She includes useful advice for parents entering into the same kind of talks with their kids.

Does a Loved One Have an Invisible Illness?

On Terri’s powerful blog called Reclaiming Hope, she recently blogs about spotting the clues of invisible illnesses in family members and friends. While they may not overtly tell you about a mental health issue, there are still signs to look for, explains Terri. The list of what to look out for, including a change in appetite, is a helpful one.

HIIT Workout for Beginners

Thanks to the Memoallure blog for bringing us a kick-butt workout. Sometimes we need a boost in the fitness department, right?!

This post offers a beginner-level HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) workout. Work up a sweat, and you’ll feel all the better for it after the exercise.

If you’re looking for more exercise motivation, check out these 8 exercises to burn thigh fat. Getting active is great for your body and mind!

18 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 12”

  1. Christy, a lovely selection to browse through…I’ve heard about HIT but really nice idea what it consists of, so look forward to looking at that later and also relaxing with the poem. I headed straight to the Japanese words – these are terrific!! This will go up on my wall – the words sounds beautiful and just perfect; loved the one for books bought and left to pile up on shelves in bedside tables….tsundoku! 😀😀

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