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Confidence comes from one place… You

Where confidence comes from: You

Living a healthier life. Being at ease in social situations. Boosting your levels of happiness. Performing better. Taking back your body confidence. Getting more positive attention. Knowing what you are worth. Setting the bar higher and achieving those goals. All of these come with a label that reads, “A benefit of self-confidence.” Flip these over, though, and you will quickly see how detrimental a lack of self-esteem can be and how effective it is at sabotaging your life.

However, the big issue still remains, and that is knowing exactly how to build your self-confidence up so high it is more impenetrable than the Wall in Game of Thrones.

Of course, it is important to note that self-confidence takes time and effort. You don’t just go to bed one night and then wake up feeling like Beyonce. It is something that needs to become a habit, and here is how.

Confidence: It Comes from How You Tell Yourself You Want To Feel

A psychologist will probably call this something like “positive affirmation,” but it is essentially just you talking to yourself in a positive way, using positive words that make you feel great about yourself. That’s the way you should feel about yourself.

Wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing. Have breakfast and write the words, “I love myself.” Trust us, you will start believing it soon enough.

Fake It until You Make It

No one knows what they are doing, but those who speak in the most confident tones are the ones that we tend to believe, with the exclusion of Donald Trump because everyone knows he hasn’t got a clue. Faking it is just a matter of acting like you have the thing you want to have which, in this instance, is self-confidence.

Sure, this is going to feel pretty alien to begin with, but the more you repeat it the more natural it will become, and then one day, bam, you are going to realize you are the most confident woman alive.

Confidence comes from how you dress

There is no better way to give your confidence an immediate boost than dressing confidently. This starts with a smile because no outfit is complete without one. If you aren’t confident in your smile, then change that. Even visit Bloomfield Dental Designs if you have to. So long as you can lift your outfit with a smile, you will feel a million times better.

Suits, shirts, nice dresses, gorgeous shoes, powerful jewelry, envy-inducing bags. Sure, it might sound shallow but it works and that’s what matters.

Walk with Your Head High

The body language of a confident person is almost infectious and almost intimidating too. You wonder how they can be that full of self-esteem as they sit there with their head high, holding your gaze every time you talk, their shoulders back and back straight. 

Well, it is just a matter of doing these things because the way we hold ourselves, influences the way we feel about ourselves. Body language is a huge part of this and something to work on as much as possible.


Top photo: She radiates body confidence. Photo via Pexels, CC0.

35 thoughts on “Confidence comes from one place… You”

  1. love this! what a confidence boosting post. This is true and inspiring -love it. good read. Thanks, Confidencebykb

  2. Very useful. The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you (John E. Southard) – thanks for the share!

  3. Hi Christy
    the post was amazing! i want to suggest something that helped me to develop self-confidence. i wrote all my insecurities and tensions on pieces of paper then burned them. as the paper burned, my insecurities vanished along with it resulting in me with a enhanced confidence level.

  4. The Melanated Maven

    Great tips! I especially love how you mentioned that body language is so important when it comes to confidence. Appearing confident is half the battle! Even adjusting posture allows for deeper, fuller breaths, bringing more oxygen to the brain, reducing stress and anxiety. Such small tweaks turned into habits can do wonders for how we see ourselves. Thanks for shining some light on the topic!

  5. This is so true — people who speak with confidence (minus Donald lol) are taken more seriously than those who don’t… good things to remember! :)

  6. Hi Christy,

    from the title I can see your point, and I know that is so true. Great tips to rise a confidence. The way we see ourselves, and others see us like that :)

  7. This post is good advice. People tend to think of me as a confident person. I wish I were as secure as my outward appearance seems to show. I wonder how long it takes to become confident at something if your goal is to be good at it? Again, a guy reading a post intended for women.

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