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Seek Support: Don’t Go It Alone With Important Health Issues

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When it comes to our health, many of us like to think we can take care of ourselves. It’s true that we can make healthy choices and we can often deal with minor health issues on our own too. Even when we need to see a doctor, a diagnosis and a prescription can get us soon feeling better again. However, there are times when you need more help to deal with or overcome a health problem. You might need intensive treatment or you might require the right support to help you get through it. Here are some of the problems that are best not dealt with alone.


Psychiatry experts describe addiction as a brain disorder that involves repeating certain actions despite negative consequences on health and well-being. The statistics aren’t encouraging as it indicates that gambling addiction is among the most common addiction forms these days.

Addiction can come in many forms, including both physical and psychological addictions. There are some that people might try to deal with alone, such as a nicotine addiction. However, you can strengthen your chances of recovery by getting help and support from the right resources.

You might visit to explore options for alcohol addiction treatment or try online help guides to find out more about support available for gambling addiction. Often there is a deeper, underlying issue behind an addiction, and you need psychological support to help explore that. It’s also important to have medical support for recovery from some addictions, especially with substance abuse, when stopping suddenly could be dangerous.

Mental Health

Many people view addiction as a mental health issue. Other mental health problems also require high levels of support, from common issues like depression and anxiety to conditions that are rarer. Even though you might not want to share with others, feel as if you don’t deserve help, or perhaps even have some denial about having a problem, you shouldn’t deal with mental health issues on your own.

Seeing a doctor can help you with a diagnosis, medication, therapy, or even just advice. Mental health issues don’t necessarily have to include only diagnosed conditions. Everyone needs to look after their mental health and might need help sometimes.

Improve your chances of recovery by getting help from the right resources. Explore the issue behind the addiction, whether it is gambling, alcohol, nicotine or something else. Photo by Nick Youngson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via The Blue Diamond Gallery.

Long-term Illness or Disability

Receiving a diagnosis of a long-term illness or being disabled are both hard to deal with. It can be a struggle to live your life day-to-day.

But you don’t have to do it alone if you need help. Firstly, it’s important to have the right medical team supporting you.

You should make sure you have as much control as you can over who helps to look after your medical need. It’s also important to receive support in other ways, whether it’s through attending a support group, seeing a therapist, or having people in your life who help to care for you.

Anything Unexplained

If you have an unexplained medical issue, you should always seek help to deal with it. It might turn out not to be much of anything, but you won’t know until you see a doctor. If you notice something’s wrong or just something different, don’t ignore it. It could go away on its own, but it could also get worse.

Even though soldiering on without any help from anyone might be what you wish you could do, getting help for health problems is often the best thing to do.

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  2. Addiction and mental health issues are tricky, and paying for help is sometimes impossible for some, but it sure makes life better when we have help managing it. Good post, Christy.

  3. I thnk this is especially difficult with addictions and mental helth issues. If you break a bone, you’d have no hesitation in getting it treated and yet the stigma in our society is such that people die from addiction and MH issues because too much shame is associated with them.

  4. Hello Christy,

    I must say that we are much safer with your post about health. Addiction is trappy, she sneak to us slowly ,without warning and for the short time we are already addicts.

    Thank you

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