Dementia: A Guide For All Ages

Some families deal with the disease behind closed doors

Does she have dementia? One may assume so because of her older age. Pixabay image (CC0).

What comes to mind when you think of dementia?

Old people, one would assume — dementia is always assumed to be an old person’s disease. That aside, you probably don’t know much more about dementia because the illness is often hidden from view. If you’re faced with the condition in your family, it tends to be dealt with quietly and behind closed doors. This is a consequence of the fact that dementia sufferers, by the very nature of their illness, are unable to advocate for themselves and ensure the topic has sufficient awareness. Continue reading


Preparing For The Financial Impact Of Injury

You could get injured at any time without warning and if you aren’t prepared for it, your family could suffer both emotionally and financially. If you’re the main earner in the household, your income will immediately take a hit and you and your family will struggle. There’s no telling how long you might be unable to work for so it’s vital that you’ve got a long-term plan in place. Don’t get complacent and think that it will never happen to you because it easily could. If you haven’t already started thinking about it, get started right away. Continue reading