The Ultimate Guide To Saving Your Skin

Achieving acne-free skin like this woman

This is a guide for skin health. Pexels photo (CC0).

It’s unlikely anyone in the world has truly perfect skin. That said, a few too many blemishes can make us body-conscious when it comes to our outer layer. Here’s an ultimate guide for keeping your skin healthy and reducing any imperfections. Continue reading


Practical Steps To Help Your Child Overcome Irrational Fears

Help your child conquer their anxiety

Fears are normal, no matter how irrational they may be. Image via Pixabay, CC0.

Does your child think there is a monster under the bed? Do they get scared every time you turn off their bedroom light? Don’t worry, fears are perfectly normal, no matter how irrational they may be. There is nothing wrong with your child, and they will eventually grow out of their fears. However, you can help them conquer their fears at any early age. With a little bit of understanding, and a lot of love and compassion, you can help them overcome how they are feeling. Here’s how. Continue reading