Wait…How Early Can You Develop Dementia?

What are the mental signs of working-age dementia?

Is it an early onset of dementia? Pixabay, CC0, photo.

We often think of someone who has dementia as being old, possibly nearing the end of their life. But is this the reality? Actually, there is a condition referred to as working-age dementia. This can develop as early as 30, and if you find that shocking, you’re not alone. It’s scary to think that your mental health could begin to deteriorate this early on. It’s more common than people think too. According to a recent report, around 200, 000 Americans have the early form of this disease. That’s why it is worth knowing the signs that there could be an issue with your mental health. Continue reading


Pain in the Neck?

She has a sore neck

Suffering from chronic neck pain? Don’t despair! Here are some pain management techniques. One might help you. Always see your doctor first! Photo by Aldan Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

A lot of people who are suffering from chronic neck pain struggle to get relief, and it can have a terrible impact on their whole lives, making it harder for them to live, love and work. If you’re in that position, don’t despair! It might be that you simply haven’t found the right pain management technique to soothe your pain.

Check out these treatments and tips that other sufferers of chronic neck pain have found useful and see if they work for you:
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Spotlight on WWII Nurse Marcella LeBeau – Reblog from Pacific Paratrooper

To quote G.P. Cox of the Pacific Paratrooper blog,

This WWII nurse has lived through amazing experiences

A real life story to inspire. Pixabay (CC0) photo.

“Lieutenant LeBeau completed about one year at the hospital in Liege and then was on her way home.  She was discharged at Des Moines, Iowa in February 1946.

She was awarded three bronze stars – for the Rhineland, Northern France, and the Battle of the Bulge. The government of Belgium also presented her and others of their unit with special medals.  Those, however, would not be the end of many special awards for the girl from Promise, South Dakota.”

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Source: A WWII Native American Nurse in the ETO – Intermission Story (15)