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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 8

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Volume 8! How did already get to the 8th inspiration roundup? Days turn into weeks, which amount to volumes of your wonderful blog posts. Here is this week’s selection as we kick off September:

Self-Care Ideas

This blog post is a list and such a useful one that I want to share it here. It’s from Discovering Your Happiness and I found it via Liz of My Wellbeing and Learning Journey. Now about this list, it’s great to have on hand if you’re feeling kind of blah. The self-care ideas include playing with a pet, reading a good book, and watching a funny movie.

Reads that inspire, from around the blogging community. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Help Others to Achieve Success

Jessica hits the nail on the head with this one! While her post is tailored to a career in sales, the tips are likely applicable to any type of work. I like in particular how she encourages you to go the extra mile as when you give more then you show your commitment. I’ve personally never been one just to do minimum effort, so I totally get this.

It’s Not Smoked Turkey; It’s Smoking Turkey

Kool Kosher Kitchen is a great recipes blog, and I like this clever take on a turkey wrap. The title Smoking Turkey intrigued me instantly. Dolly says it’s okay to play with your food sometimes ;) So, she created what looks to be a cigar out of turkey pastrami wrapped in gluten free spring roll wrappers with veggies, olive oil, soy sauce, cinnamon, and coriander. So creative, and I bet it’s yummy!

Pro PR Help on an Indie Budget

Let’s face it; money isn’t so easy to come by as an Indie author. Not typically, that is. Good thing black CATastrophy offers us public relations tips that require more time than money in this blog post. The advice includes investing in social media and hiring a small PR agency. Head over to the post for the full scoop.

Over It: A Positive Spin

The phrase “over it” often has a negative connotation, so Kaley’s point of view at the Finding Purpose blog was refreshing to read this week. She explains that getting over something can be good for mental health and provides lovely photos of nature to complement her words.

Girls Need Girls

This ode to female friendship from the Raw and Completely Beautiful blog deserves a mention here. It reminds me of how important my gal friends are to me. As the blogger (she doesn’t give us her name) explains in Girls Need Girls, her life has been filled with friendships “with some amazing women, all of whom have played a part in who I have become, and indeed am becoming.”

Letter from Ben Aquiba

If you’re not following Ben Aquiba’s You Can Do It blog then you’ve been missing out! Head over to read his newest posting A Letter For My Readers. Ben reminds us that we hold the power to do everything we want in our lives. Dream big and do not be discouraged by those around you who doubt you, writes Ben. I think this inspiring message is a great one.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out and glad you like the post I discovered. It certainly is useful. I am going to be checking out some of the other links you have shared in this post too. :)

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