These Health Problems Are So Twenty-First Century

In the twentieth century, humanity got a handle on many of the infectious diseases which had previously ravaged our lives – at least in developed economies. Tuberculosis went from being one of the biggest killers to something today that practically nobody has heard of. And it was all made possible by advances in sanitation and antibiotics as well as vaccinations.

But just as those diseases have ebbed, a bunch of new health problems has cropped up. What’s more, they’re not so much a result of evolution or foreign biology, but an outgrowth of human technology. Medicine can cure many of the diseases of the past, but it’s clear that in the future, humanity is going to have to take a more holistic approach to managing health. Continue reading


Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 8

Volume 8! How did already get to the 8th inspiration roundup? Days turn into weeks, which amount to volumes of your wonderful blog posts. Here is this week’s selection as we kick off September:

Self-Care Ideas

This blog post is a list and such a useful one that I want to share it here. It’s from Discovering Your Happiness and I found it via Liz of My Wellbeing and Learning Journey. Now about this list, it’s great to have on hand if you’re feeling kind of blah. The self-care Continue reading

Socks And Shampoo: An End To Naff Gifts

No more socks for Christmas

Make their birthday or another special occasion memorable with a unique present! Photo by asenat29 (CC BY 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons.

Naff is slang for uncool or not stylish. Few of us like receiving socks and shampoo as gifts. And yet, when we’re stuck for ideas for a friend or family member, many of us can be guilty of buying these generic gift items. Sure, it’s the thought that counts – but how much thought really goes into a bottle of shampoo? Let’s bring an end to these shoddy gifts once and for all. Even if you’re strapped for cash, here are just a few gift ideas that are far more exciting. Continue reading