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You’ve Graduated From University, Now What?

Should you go from uni straight into a job?

Going through higher education is seen as a desirable path by many. However, a lot of students graduate from university and simply have no idea what they should do next. As a result, they can waste valuable time doing nothing instead of actually looking to further their career.

Today’s post is to help anyone that might be nearing the end of their university course in business administration or another area and hasn’t got a clue what to do next. There are different paths you can take, and none of these paths are better than the others; instead, they’re all excellent ideas depending on your personal situation.

Postgraduate Studies

A lot of people want to go straight from university into a job. But, if you’re not ready for this and want to continue learning and gain better qualifications, postgraduate studies might be for you.

This is where you study for higher degree qualifications such as a Master’s in your chosen field. What puts people off is that you have to pay for your postgraduate studies. However, you could be chosen for a scholarship program for postgraduate students, which will help you pay your tuition fees.

Try and apply for as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of being chosen. By continuing your education, you could put yourself in a better position to get a job than if you left university after graduating.

Graduate Schemes

If you’re keen to find work as soon as possible, you should look for various graduate work schemes. These are probably your best chance of getting a job that puts a value on your degree. Of course, you could go out and apply for retail or office jobs, but it would be a waste of your education.

Instead, look for various graduate schemes where your degree actually matters. There are so many big companies that do things like this, there’s no shortage of choices. While a standard retail job might not require a degree, the company itself may have graduate schemes for management roles, etc.

Gap Year

Alternatively, you could take a whole year out from education and work or travel. This might seem like a waste of time, but it’s probably the only period in your life where you’ll have a chance to travel loads. As such, it makes sense to make the most out of it while you can.

Plus, a gap year can open your eyes and make you realize things about yourself that push you in the right direction. You might discover opportunities abroad that help you figure out what you want from life in a career sense. So, it can be beneficial to your future as well as enjoyable.

Essentially, you’ve got three choices; keep studying, find a job, or take a year out. All graduates are different, so one of these paths might scream out to you more than others.

My advice is to listen to yourself and don’t do what other people might want you to do. Do what you think is right for you, and you should choose the right path to a bright future.

6 thoughts on “You’ve Graduated From University, Now What?”

  1. aircooledadventures

    I’m after the gap year option. The only downside there is what to do after? I’m not into the whole ‘get a job and stay there the rest of your life’ idea. I haven’t heard of many that have taken a ‘gap life’ lol :’D

  2. Oh I remember these days. I was so lost, I felt like I was standing at a crossroad unsure of which direction to take. I agree with you, taking a GAP year could be the best thing. I remember feeling unsure of which direction to take, because I was lost within myself. I didn’t know what kind of person I was. Taking a year off could have solved this problem! Xx

  3. I could have done my degree just watching YouTube tutorials. I got a ‘first’ yet after 157 (true) job apps without a single reply I eventually created my own own job and work 7 days a week to keep it alive. I still wonder if going to uni with all the debt I’m stuck with was worth it. I think not.

  4. The best option is to gain competitive edge by going for higher studies, better yet after doing a job for a couple of years. That way you get both practical experience on the job and are better fit for further education in the relevant field.

    I did my full-time residential MBA after spending 3 years in the corporate world post my graduation. The plan worked great for me!

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