Walk, Don’t Run: The Key to a Healthier Life

It isn’t easy to know the path to healthier existence when you’re floundering and looking around for answers from any and all directions. While it’s tempting to look for a golden bullet that’ll give your body a jolt, the truth is that there are no quick fix diets or the like that’ll make everything better. That comes from making small, incremental changes to your life, not making sweeping changes and hoping that it works out. Below, we take a look at how you can incorporate the “walk, don’t run” approach into your life to give your health a boost. Continue reading


Is There A Solution For The Great Medication Debate?

We all want to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. We exercise, eat right, and try to opt for healthy solutions. And, let’s be honest; we don’t do it for fun. We do it because we care about our health, especially as we get older. We only get one body, after all, and it’s important to keep it going for as long as possible.

It’s thanks to this drive for a healthier life that many of us visit our doctors when there’s a problem. We trust that our health professionals will give us what we need to get better.

But, there’s a small issue with that thinking. The medication epidemic in America suggests that prescriptions are making us sicker. Continue reading