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Weekly Inspirational Roundup (Volume 7)

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Lucky #7! It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and now we’re on Friday. The inspiration just keeps on coming in the WordPress world and I, for one, am glad for it. Thank you in advance to all of you bloggers who put such heart into your posts and inspire us. ♥

Sally Cronin’s Story about Cosmetics and More, on Myths in the Mirror

This guest post by Sally Cronin at D. Wallace Peach’s Myths in the Mirror blog features her story The Cosmetics Department. At the heart of the story is an interaction with her and a special customer. This story stayed with me long after reading it because of the way it broadens the definition of beauty. Well worth the read!

A Poem about Volunteering From a Blogging Mom

The blogger behind Memoirs of a Loving Mom is sharing her love of volunteering with us in a poem this week. She incorporates the benefits of being a volunteer so beautifully into the poem that I must share it with you all. I particularly like this line, “Volunteering is a gift given as well as received.”

Cindy Knoke Brings Us Special Tiles

If you follow Cindy Knoke’s blog already then you know that her photography is exceptional. From animals to architecture, she gives us an array of fine sights. This post I’m mentioning today focuses on azulejos, which are Portugal’s blue-and-white hand-painted tiles. Scrolling through the photos, I noticed many of the tiles depict women. Stop by and share your love!

Is the Cup Half Full? ‘Unbreakable Yet Fragile’ Gives Her View

We often hear the expression, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” The blogger known as Unbreakable Yet Fragile explains how her answer to this question has changed over the years. Now, she writes, “remember that my cup is always refillable! I can always find a bigger glass when it seems extremely close to overflowing; I also refill my cup when it starts running low.”

‘Decluttering My Life’ Analyzes the History of Feminine Beauty Ideals

Such an interesting blog post! Decluttering My Life is a blog that welcomes conversations about society, feminism, environment, and more. In this post on feminine beauty ideas throughout history, you will notice the shifts over time as surrounding circumstances (social and otherwise) occur.

A Tanka on Life’s Surprises by ‘Storyteller’

This Tanka called Life is one of many beautiful poems that you’ll find at the Stories blog. I think this particular Tanka is nice because it shows there are still nice surprises out there. Given the turbulent time of the world right now, we all can use a smile, right?

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  1. Christy, a wonderful selection of inspiring posts – some I’ve already come across and I look forward to reading the new ones, Many thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely weekend. Xx😀❤️

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