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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 6

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Welcome to… Friday! And the inspirational roundup! These are the latest blog posts I’ve found that contain words to inspire readers. I love to read blogs :) Thanks to everyone who checks out this week’s recommended posts below. When we support one another, then we all gain the opportunity to move forward.

Bedtime Tips for Parents from Coffee Powered Mummy

I’ve been asked to blog on this topic and – BAM – I came across Coffee Powered Mummy’s post that provides great tips. She just saved me a few hours of writing ;) These tips are to help your kids sleep through the night, and I love that she divides the post into two different age categories as the needs of the 1-2-year-olds is different than the older children.

John Fioravanti Brings Attention to Canadian Women

If you’re not already following the blog Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti, please do so! It contains posts on what happened on each day in history and is quite educational. When John described the origins of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps in 1941, I knew it was well worth sharing this Friday. Let’s continue to break stereotypes as women!

Blogging about Menopause at The Utopia Universe

Ok, ladies, let’s talk menopause. The Utopia Universe is the blogging name of a Life Coach and Psychologist who offers informative and uplifting blog posts throughout the week. This post on menopause is great because it offers encouraging tips in a genuine voice for women going through what can be a difficult phase.

The Other Mama Writes about Her Helpmate

A helpmate is another word for a co-parent, explains The Other Mama over at her blog. In this post, she writes about Joe, her co-parent, and how he is there for the family, from planning to walking the dog and bringing home flowers. I like this one because it is a reminder that we’re not in this difficult life alone when we have friends and/or family around us for support.

Syl65 on Being Thankful

Gratitude. It is lovely to see in motion. Or to read about. Syl65 has a meaningful blog of poetry, prose, music, and more. Many of us delight in reading it. This post on thankfulness touched me deeply, and so I wanted to share it with you all today. Let us be thankful for one another, especially in this chaotic time in the world.

♥ Christy

8 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 6”

  1. Hi Christy. Just wanted to say thank you so much for including me in your round up, it means so much. I love your blog and it’s honestly an honour to be mentioned😊The other blogs mentioned look amazing and I will definitely be checking these out! Thanks again, xx

  2. I’m glad you loved the post. It’s wonderful that you’re sharing this inspirational round-up to sprinkle love and positive energy on everyone. Thanks Christy!

  3. I adore John’s blog. I always feel like I’m sitting in on an important university class.
    Menopause is a big deal for a third of all women, and an even bigger deal for another third. A not talked about topic is _ premature natural menopause – hormones, health hazards and heartbreak.
    Fab round up and going to check out Utopia Universe!

  4. A pos-i-lutely sensational roundup, Christy. I’ve been following John’s great blog for a little while now, but I missed that post. I’m looking forward to checking out all these others too. Hugs.

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