Graduating From Childhood To Adulthood

Teach kids about commitments so adulthood is easier later

Education occurs in the home, not just at school. Pexels (CC0 License).

School and home education can do an awful lot for your child. Without these resources, the human race would be much further behind in science and technology than we are today, making them very important. But, school doesn’t teach you everything. In fact, some people find that their education leaves them woefully unprepared for adulthood, and this is where you come in. As a parent, you have the power to change this for your kids. By teaching them the right things, you can make their graduation to adult life much easier. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the area’s schools seldom cover. Continue reading


Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 6

Welcome to… Friday! And the inspirational roundup! These are the latest blog posts I’ve found that contain words to inspire readers. I love to read blogs 🙂 Thanks to everyone who checks out this week’s recommended posts below. When we support one another, then we all gain the opportunity to move forward.

Bedtime Tips for Parents from Coffee Powered Mummy

I’ve been asked to blog on this topic and – BAM – I came across Coffee Powered Mummy’s post that provides great tips. She just saved me a few hours of writing 😉 These tips are to help your kids sleep through the night, and I love that she divides the post into two different age categories as the needs of the 1-2-year-olds is different than the older children.

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Reads that inspire, from around the blogging community. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

John Fioravanti Brings Attention to Canadian Women

If you’re not already following the blog Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti, please do so! It contains posts on what happened on each day in history and is quite educational. When John described the origins of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps in 1941, I knew it was well worth sharing this Friday. Let’s continue to break stereotypes as women!

Blogging about Menopause at The Utopia Universe

Ok, ladies, let’s talk menopause. The Utopia Universe is the blogging name of a Life Coach and Psychologist who offers informative and uplifting blog posts throughout the week. This post on menopause is great because it offers encouraging tips in a genuine voice for women going through what can be a difficult phase.

The Other Mama Writes about Her Helpmate

A helpmate is another word for a co-parent, explains The Other Mama over at her blog. In this post, she writes about Joe, her co-parent, and how he is there for the family, from planning to walking the dog and bringing home flowers. I like this one because it is a reminder that we’re not in this difficult life alone when we have friends and/or family around us for support.

Motivational Quotes from Karissa Jacksn

Karissa is a blogger I recently discovered who has a passion for positivity. Her Motivational Quotes for the Soul post is wonderful, in my opinion, not only because it contains words of wisdom but also for the beauty of the images the quotes are contained within. It is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the soul.

Syl65 on Being Thankful

Gratitude. It is lovely to see in motion. Or to read about. Syl65 has a meaningful blog of poetry, prose, music, and more. Many of us delight in reading it. This post on thankfulness touched me deeply, and so I wanted to share it with you all today. Let us be thankful for one another, especially in this chaotic time in the world.

♥ Christy

Be Kind To Yourself: Take Time And Fully Recover Post Surgery

Surgery and operations can take their toll on the strongest of people, so quality time to recover, both physically and mentally, is crucial to getting back to life again. As a busy woman; you’ll probably put pressure on yourself to get back to your career, or taking care of your loved ones. However, rushing back to hard work will only delay your recovery and could cause further illness and injury in the future. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re kind to your body and mind during a recovery period, and give yourself enough time to heal properly. The following are some things to consider if you’re about to go for surgery, or are on the mend after an operation; hopefully, you’ll already have your feet up. Continue reading