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14 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Food in the news – Acidity in mineral water and tooth enamel erosion.”

  1. This is so educational ! What an eye opener! I recently took my children for cleanings and the dentist asked me if my children drank bottled water or tap. I responded mostly BOTTLED! She said bottled water does not have the fluoride in it unless its noted on the bottle. I will still be filtering the water but I will definitely check the acidity after reading your post :)

    1. Hi Pam! I think soda is quite addictive for many people.. and it’s not a thirst quencher – it actually leaves you wanting more of it once you’re done the can! Hugs

  2. I need to stop drinking Soda!!!! ;) ((I like it too much))… Good post here from Sally and tips to keep in mind… Thank you for sharing Chris… Sending love. Happy week to you ;) <3 xx

    1. How about starting by limiting the soda, Aqui, rather than getting rid of it altogether at once? Gradual :) Hey, did you know it’s called soda in the U.S. and pop here in Canada? Glad you liked Sally’s post and so wonderful to see you. Awww, hope your week is nice too! <3

    2. Yes… “Pop”!!!… You had once told me. I blame Netflix and my Cable TV and what I might watch over there… I am more used to the word “Soda” for that very same reason, you know … It seems they call it “fizzy drink” in UK ;) xx …. <3

    3. OK, so it’s fizzy drink for the UK ~ And Netflix is alright with getting the blame as they’re a huge business, hehe ;) Speaking of huge… HUGS are coming your way!! xo

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