O Royal Treasure

O Royal Treasure is a stunning gown designed and made by Resa McConaghy. It is a tribute to Canada’s 150th birthday and also to Ralph at Bluefish Way, so this gown is all kinds of lovely! I hope you enjoy Resa’s newest gown ♥

Art Gowns

Were you ever impassioned to make an Art Gown from 150 O’s?

Yes! Then you probably know this year is Canada’s 150th birthday.

In 1967, Canada was 100 years old. Our national anthem is “O Canada”. In celebration, Joyce Wieland created a famous lithograph of O’s formed by her red painted lips.

Yet, this is the Art Gown dedicated to Ralph from Bluefish Way, and Ralph lives in Spain. Ah, but he lives in Cañada del Real Tesoro, Spain. Canada/Cañada – it was a thrilling discovery.

According to Mini-Me, Ralph, and what Belen Soto told me, it means Path to the Royal Treasure.

Turned out the path to O Royal Treasure was a 4 month trek.

150 flowers were created. Using a dinner plate, and 2 different sized saucers. I cut out 150 circles, gathered the edges, & drew them  into flowers. I painted my lips red, formed an…

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The Main Considerations That Keep The Elderly Healthy

Looking after the elderly

Tips for being there for a grandparent. What is correct care? Pixabay, Creative Commons (CC0).

The elderly are more hardy than you might realize. When someone passes a certain age, it’s easy for the younger generation to look on them with more of a bubble-wrap mentality, wanting to shield them from anything that could cause them distress. To a degree, this is well intended and can actually help, but you forget that these people have lived full lives, have seen many things that you can only dream of at this point in time, and have made it through alive. Maybe their physical presence is slowly becoming less easy to handle, but you can trust their mental fortitude is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and it is nourished my family support and love.

To keep healthy as an elderly person, your relative must have a rich inner life. It’s true that there are some 80-year-olds who are mentally 25, and some 25-year-olds who are mentally 80. Age is but a number, what matters is your attitude to life. Help your relative stay on top of their inner peak with the following useful tips. Continue reading