Must-Read Family Finance Secrets That Could Keep Your Afloat During Hard Times

It’s a common story, a family that works hard and budgets will still get into debts problems. Why is this? Well, it’s often a number of factors that come together causing a financial crisis. Luckily, it can be weathered if you are in on some of the following family finance secrets listed below. Read on to find out more.

Watch out for student loans

For many people, one of the largest debts they have to pay off every month the student loan. This applies particularly to married couples and families because the repayments are calculated on the household income and not the individual wage of the person that is earning them. That means if one of you makes less, or is staying at home with the kids you will still be expected to keep up with your loan repayments, and if you don’t you run the risk of being in default.

Mortgage, student loans, and other bills for a family

Are you looking to improve your financial situation? These family finance tips might help you. Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0.

To find out how this applies to your situation look up info on student loans and marriage, and how one affects the other. As well as consulting services that can negotiate a more favorable repayment situation. Something that can take off some of the pressure on your family financially, and may just be enough to keep you afloat during the tough times.  

There are alternatives to bankruptcy in hard times

Bankruptcy may not be the wisest decision. Be aware of its consequences for your credit rating, job opportunities, and more. Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0.

Bankruptcy isn’t always the answer

For many families, it seems like bankruptcy is the only answer when they find themselves in a position of overwhelming debt. Being bankrupt is when you declare that you have no more capital to pay off what you owe and your debtors are legally entitled to seize your assets in lieu of payment. Continue reading


How To Finally Get Your Health Back On Track

We are all guilty of occasionally allowing our health to take a back seat to other concerns in life. This can happen for a number of reasons, but when it does it always takes a toll, even if that toll is not immediately clear to us. If you find that your daily life has been causing you to forgo your own health, then you might want to get yourself back on track. Doing so is often a challenge, but as is often the case, it takes a lot of effort to earn something which is really worthwhile. If you feel that it is due time to get your health back on track, there are a huge range of things you can do, ranging from the simple to the more extreme. Let’s look now at some of them.

This woman wants to run to improve her health

Are short runs going to be how you get your health back on track? Pexels, CC0 License.

Try A Small Workout

If the problem is that you have not committed yourself to any exercise for a while, then a good first step would be to try just a small workout first. It can be daunting to get straight into a five-mile run, or book in some classes at the gym, so you might feel better by just doing a little workout on your own at home. 

Depending on what you want to focus on, there are many kinds of home workout you can do which only take a few minutes. You might want to consider something along the lines of the plank, as this is a powerful yet simple exercise which strengthens the core muscles extremely rapidly. Doing something like this, which will show you immediate results, is likely to help spur you on. Alternatively, try going for a ten-minute jog just to limber up again. However you do it, getting back into exercising, even only slightly, will help you massively in your goal of getting back on track with your health. Always check with your doctor before changing your exercise routine, just to be safe. Continue reading

It’s Your Birth, You Can Scream If You Want To

Pregnancy and what's right for your birth

You’re growing a child within you and other people may think they have the right to decide what’s right for him or her. Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Women have been told what to do with their bodies for a long time. Once, we were but vessels for a man’s child (preferably a boy because, well, you know…). Of course, things have come a long way since then. Women got the vote, and with it, a voice with which to be heard. But, when it comes to pregnancy, the chances are that a lot of people will still try to tell you what to do.

Something strange happens when you’re growing a child. People think they have a right to you, so long as they have that child’s best interests at heart. And, yes, the child is the priority. But let’s not forget that your needs should come into play as well. Your birth, therefore, should be down to no one but you. Instead of listening to the opinions you’ll hear, stick to what you know is best. To help, here are a few ways to ensure your birth is right for you.

Popular Isn’t Always Best

A lot of mothers never understand the choices available to them. Everyone else goes into hospital, so they do the same. Most people choose a bed birth, so they disregard water or interactive options. But, it’s important to bear in mind that what’s popular may not be best for you.

This woman had a water birth

Water is an alternative to a bed birth that you may consider. Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

You may not want your child born in a sterile, disinfected hospital. Is that the first place you want them to see? Yet, the suggestion of giving birth away from medical professionals is enough to make many mothers quake. Why? Because it’s not the norm! In truth, there’s no reason a home birth can’t run smooth. There are, of course, risks. But, there’s no reason this can’t work if you develop a proper plan with a medical professional. An obstetrician like Max Izbicki, who specializes in pregnancy planning, will be able to put your mind at ease about any doubts. Together, you can also ensure you have an emergency plan in place should you need one.

To Scream Or Not To Scream?

It’s also worth considering whether you want a silent birth or not. Again, this is a decision only you can make, and there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. Silent birth mothers claim that they don’t want their child entering the world to cries. And, that does make some sense. But, that doesn’t mean your child will be traumatized if you do choose to make noise throughout. Birth is so traumatic for the baby that they forget everything, anyway. So, if you feel making noise would help you, don’t hesitate to do so.

Accept That Plans Change

No matter what pregnancy plans you make, it’s also important to accept that plans change. A successful birth is about taking care of you and baby, no matter what. If you don’t feel comfortable at home, make arrangements to go to a hospital. If you planned to be silent but feel the need to scream, just do it!