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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 3

Inspiring blogs to read

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Is it Friday already? Yes, it is! Although I usually work a 6-day week, I still appreciate that Friday feeling ;) I’m saying let’s bring on the inspiration from across this wonderful land we call WordPress.

Here are inspiring reads to highlight from the week:

Ka Malana Delights Us with Her Newest Poem

At the blog Fiesta Estrelles, you will find a friendly, kindhearted writer named Ka. She shares art, poems, meditative thoughts, and so much more. Her latest poem is called For Women, and it is a lovely tribute to females, inspired by her new friend Louise. The reading journey takes us through the feminine qualities with an empowering voice. This poem is well worth the read.

The Battle to Rest Gets the Spotlight

The Battle to Rest is the title of a blog post at Underwear and a Crown, a new-to-me WP blog. It is written by a life coach (she doesn’t publicly disclose her name) who talks about the feeling that so many of us seek: to feel good and rested. It’s not so easy as it sounds! I like the tongue-in-cheek tone of this post, as well as the overall uplifting message. Give it a read and let her know what you think.

Inspiration through the fingertips of the blogger
Writing inspirational posts – Let’s make sure we read them!

What You’ll Get in Ten Seconds, By Pardeep Nain

How long is ten seconds? It’s long enough to make a difference in someone else’s day – or your own. I love this message from Pardeep Nain at the Might Be, I’m Wrong blog. It’s a short post, which is so fitting given that ten seconds goes by like that (*snaps fingers*). Follow her blog to get more of her unique viewpoints straight to the WordPress Reader.

Mondays are Uplifting with His Perfect Timing

I don’t typically discuss religion on this blog, but I am including a religious blog in my list of inspirational reads this week. It’s called His Perfect Timing and, while I don’t know the writer’s real name, her posts are a source of beautiful words about God and His love for us. From the post’s title of Tell Me Something Good Monday – Make It Wonderful! to her reminder that Monday doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, she does make me smile with this post. So, I include it here!

Be open to uplifting blogs
Arms open wide to motivational writing.

Jay Starks Shows Us The Bigger Picture

At the Section8Investor blog, you’ll find not only financial advice but also motivational messages. I like the unique combination, all of which is the brainchild of Jay Starks. In The Bigger Picture: Staying Committed post, Jay talks about personal value as part of having financial value. He reminds us to stay true to who we are and the importance of our vision. It’s a recommended inspirational read.

And there you have it, more inspiring blogs for you to browse when you have time. I encourage you to make time for the smiles and opportunity to learn from other writers on WordPress and other blogging platforms. By encouraging one another, we can make this world an even more beautiful place ♥

13 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 3”

  1. Thank you so much for having me featured on your “Weekly Inspirational Round Up”. It was such a honor to be on here as long with other great bloggers who were recognized today as well. Such an kind-hearted individual to show your fellow bloggers love, courage, and inspiration to continue being content creators. Keep being you and never change. 😊

    1. Your gratitude is one of the first qualities I noticed about you, Jay. Keep writing.. you have much to say and we’re listening :)

  2. Christy, thanks so much for the shout out! Really honored to be included on the list, I love inspiring and helping others so very grateful to be acknowledged. Looking forward to check out more of your work and these other inspirational posts! 😊

  3. Thanks for this post! LOVE big bang theory, Sheldon never fails to make me laugh! I will earmark some of these for a morning read tomorrow with a cuppa, especially the panic attack post! Thanks

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