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5 signs of poor health: When you’re not as healthy as you thought

Pimples as signs of poor health

You might eat the right food, exercise regularly, and get your recommended hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’re in peak health. Your body has subtle ways of letting you know if there’s something not quite right on the inside. It’s just up to you to look for the signs of poor health. If you’re not sure, here are some subtle signals you’re not as healthy as you thought.

1. Not sleeping well

You’ve made your bedroom darker, changed the mattress and the sheets, and stopped checking your Facebook status before bed, yet you still can’t sleep well through the night. Insomnia could be a sign that your cortisol levels are revved up at night as a result of too many stress responses in your body.

Because our bodies are supposed to recharge and self-repair as we sleep, a prolonged period of sleep deprivation leaves us with a weakened immune system and greater susceptibility when cold and flu season comes along. Sleep is one of the ways you can be kinder to your body, so figure out a way to lower your stress levels before you go to bed each night.

2. More signs of poor health: Cracked lips

This is something that most people dismiss as irrelevant, or at most a sign that you need to drink more water. However, cracked lips – especially in the corners of your mouth – are a sign of vitamin B deficiency.

If notice that symptom, you’re at risk of illnesses like anemia. Start eating foods rich in vitamin B, such as fortified breakfast cereals, and enriched soy and rice milk.

3. Oral health

Your mouth is one of the many windows to your overall health. Many bacteria live in your mouth and tongue, and although most of these are harmless, if you don’t brush and floss daily, and follow your dentist’s advice for dental hygiene, you are at higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Some research even suggests that heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke might be linked to the inflammation and infections that oral bacteria can cause. Other diseases could put your oral health at risk.

Diabetes, for example, reduces the body’s resistance to infection, which puts the gums at risk. If you’ve noticed that your breath has been particularly foul lately, it could be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes, which can be life-threatening

4. Breakouts are signs of poor health

Your skin is the largest, and most sensitive, organ in your body so frequent breakouts of acne, eczema, psoriasis, or other rashes are a giant health warning. This could be a sign of food allergies, bad diet, stress, or you’re not drinking enough water. Either way, you might want to look at what you’re putting in your body before you overdo it with the skin clearing creams.

5. Dark yellow urine

Hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and when you’re drinking plenty of water, your urine should be almost completely clear. If you peer into the toilet and see a lot of yellow, you’re probably not drinking enough fluids.

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20 thoughts on “5 signs of poor health: When you’re not as healthy as you thought”

  1. Lovely tips on staying healthy, Christy. The lack of sleep one resonates with me. As someone who juggles a day job and try to do some writing and blogging at night, I’m guilty of staying up later than I should some nights. Then again, I also have trouble falling asleep and it doesn’t help that I’m a nocturnal person. Most days try really, really hard to go to sleep before midnight and that has helped for the days when i do achieve that :D

  2. Ill health can become manifest in so many ways and we all need to be aware of signs of it in ourselves – as well as ways in which we can prevent them. Some useful tips and advice for all of us here Christy – no matter what age we are.

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