Dealing With Mental Health At All Levels

Mental health is something that people are starting to talk about in the modern age, but so few people who experience little to no mental health issues can understand it. It’s certainly something that has to be experienced to be understood. In much the same way that you can empathize with somebody who’s broken their leg but not truly feel their pain unless you’ve broken a bone in the past, dealing with mental health issues is something that’s tough to describe to others. However, your loved ones do want you to be well, even if they don’t understand, so here are some helpful pieces of advice regarding mental health issues and overcoming them.

Advice on overcoming mental health struggles

Mental health issues are tough to explain to someone who has never experienced them. CC0 License, Pexels.


Self-abuse can manifest itself in many different forms. If you’re harming yourself in any way or considering suicide then you need to talk to someone. A professional can offer invaluable insight and experience to the table, but if you don’t fancy talking to a stranger just yet then the best option is always to talk to somebody you love. It can feel hard to talk to family and friends about something as personal as mental health, but you’re not a burden to them.

Mental health isn’t something you can control, and, much in the same way as if you broke your arm or fell ill, your loved ones will want to nurse you back to health in the best way possible. Simply letting somebody listen to your troubles, rather than letting them rattle around your head, will make the world of difference. It’ll help keep your thoughts in check because you’ll be running them by other people.

Of course, self-abuse can be very private and introverted. The beating up can be a form of mental torture that isn’t very noticeable to people on the outside until it leads to your solutions to the problem. Addiction is very common among people with mental health struggles because it’s a temporary means of numbing pain. You might want to consider Broadway Treatment Center if you feel that your dependencies have spiraled out of control and you need help to come back to the surface. Addiction isn’t the answer to your struggles, and people want to help you overcome it; again, your loved ones are the key to happiness.

Body affects mind and vice versa

Physical health is linked to mental health. Pexels image, CC0 License.

Physical health.

It may seem strange to end an article on mental health issues by talking about physical health, but the two are tightly interlinked. The state of your body affects the state of your mind and vice versa.

If you want to break a vicious cycle of beating yourself up for the way you feel then shift your focus from your mind to your body. Get into a better sleeping pattern, for starters; the more sleep you have, the more alert and focused your brain will be.

It might give you the motivation you need to get outside and take a leisurely stroll around your park (or a full-blown run). All of these things will have the effect of slowly waking your mind up and making it feel more energetic and happy, even if the thought of exercise does not make you happy at this moment in time.


Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 3

Is it Friday already? Yes, it is! Although I usually work a 6-day week, I still appreciate that Friday feeling 😉 So does Sheldon (see GIF below). I’m saying let’s bring on the inspiration from across this wonderful land we call WordPress.

Friday inspiration is here

It’s Friday! Time for inspiration. Bring on Batman. Bring on Sheldon (Big Bang Theory style).

Here are inspiring reads to highlight from the week:

Ka Malana Delights Us with Her Newest Poem

At the blog Fiesta Estrelles, you will find a friendly, kindhearted writer named Ka. She shares art, poems, meditative thoughts, and so much more. Her latest poem is called For Women, and it is a lovely tribute to females, inspired by her new friend Louise. The reading journey takes us through the feminine qualities with an empowering voice. This poem is well worth the read.

The Battle to Rest Gets the Spotlight

The Battle to Rest is the title of a blog post at Underwear and a Crown, a new-to-me WP blog. It is written by a life coach (she doesn’t publicly disclose her name) who talks about Continue reading

Five Signs You’re Not As Healthy As You Think You Are

You might eat the right food, exercise regularly, and get your recommended hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’re in peak health. Your body has subtle ways of letting you know if there’s something not quite right on the inside; it’s just up to you to look for the signs.

Oral health

Look at this smile!

Dental hygiene is imperative. Neglecting your teeth and gums can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and more. Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0.

Your mouth is one of the many windows to your overall health. Many bacteria live in your mouth and tongue, and although most of these are harmless, if you don’t brush and floss daily, and follow your dentist’s advice for dental hygiene, you are at higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Some research even suggests that heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke might be linked to the inflammation and infections that oral bacteria can cause.

Other diseases could put your oral health at risk. Diabetes, for example, reduces the body’s resistance to infection, which puts the gums at risk. If you’ve noticed that your breath has been particularly foul lately, it could be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes, which can be life-threatening. Continue reading