The Keys to Getting Well Again

It happens to us all, we get sick, it’s part of the human condition that is ever in a state of flux. No, we don’t tend to like it too much, and, of course, we don’t have to surrender to always be this way. In fact, for many of us, a guiding force is getting well again. But there are some important things to remember when we are on our journey to recovery. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Focus on what is and not what used to be

A major problem for folks that are in recovery whether it’s from physical illness or a mental issue is that they look at their situation and focus on how they use to be. This is of course very understandable.

Getting ill or having an accident can be quite a shock to the system and it can play havoc with the self we used to identify with. But part of recovery is accepting that something has happened that limits your wellness in some way and that you will need to do things to get well again.

Teddy bear represents path back to wellness

This teddy bear is undergoing recovery after an illness, much like you may be. Shout out to Aqui (wink wink). Pixabay, CC0 License.

The essence of this is that you have to work with where you are right now, not with the memory of where you used to be. As this can stunt and limit your progress instead of helping you move forward. Continue reading


Yes, Even an Office Job Can Have a Big Impact on Your Health

We all know that some workplaces come with significantly more risk than others. If you work in construction, in manufacturing, or in agriculture, you know that there are dangers you encounter every day. However, this might lead people in environments as docile as the office to believe that they’re entirely safe. That’s not necessarily true. Everyone who works in an office needs to be aware of the following dangers and what they can do to mitigate or avoid them.

Are you totally safe working in an office?

Office jobs have their share of risks too. Pexels free image (CC0 License).

Aches and pains

The health risk at work that most are already aware of (and probably have experience of) are the aches and pains that come as a result of doing the same task in the same position for hours on end. When it comes to office furniture, a lack of investment in posture-changing chairs and adequately positioned desks can lead to long-term back pain. If you work using a keyboard, some of the measures at, such as making sure your keyboard is at the right height and taking the time to stretch your hands, can reduce your risk of developing severe repetitive strain injuries.

The best way to prevent those aches and pains is to find the opportunities to break up the monotony. If you can do something that doesn’t involve typing for a half-hour here and there, do it. Don’t forget to get up from the desk and stretch your legs every hour, too. You can even ask the boss if they have any errands you can do while on your feet so you get the green light. Continue reading