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5 Things All Girls Need To Know Before Arriving At College

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It doesn’t matter how many times you hear these words your pulse will rise, your heartbeat will pound out a tune and your smile will widen so much your cheeks will hurt, that’s because you’re heading off to college. Yup. You successfully applied and now you’re about to embrace freedom like you’ve never known it, leaping into the kaleidoscope of new experiences as you indulge your brain in its need to learn and carving out a better future yourself. Come on, it doesn’t get more exciting than that.

But for all the excitement that is swirling just below the surface, there is probably more than a few drops of terrified anticipation. Don’t worry, this is totally normal. You’re about to step as far outside of your comfort zone as you have ever been, so it would be pretty weird if you were as cool as a cucumber.

So, to help make this transition as smooth as possible and help you fend for yourself in the wild savannah of college, I have come up with a list of things you should know about before taking the trip to campus for the first time.

Cooking healthy in college will benefit your body, mind and wallet. Pexels, CC0 License.

1. Three Healthy Meals

As good as pizza for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch and KFC for dinner everyday sounds, it is not the kind of diet your body and brain is going to thank you for. That’s why we recommend you spend this summer learning how to cook at least three simple and healthy dishes. Then when you’re at college, try and learn another one every week. Once the basics are down you’re good to go.

2. Managing Money

Life is pretty expensive. You need to accept that fact pretty quickly and then come up with a way to prevent it from overcoming your life. That means making a budget. So work out how much the necessary things will cost you each month, then work out what luxuries you will need to account for and then determine what kind of job you may need to allow for this lifestyle.

Learn what clothing labels mean before heading off to college to avoid the extra stress during your first week away from home. Pexels, CC0 License.

3. Learn About Laundry

It is the most overwhelming thing you will come across in your first week away from home. Seriously. It will. That’s because you can’t avoid doing it (unlike cooking and cleaning your room). So ask mum for a lesson and learn what the symbols in the labels of your clothes mean. Trust me. You’ll want to know how a washing machine operates before being faced with one in the wild.

4. Being Responsible

The most important thing you can have at college is fun. But fun can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t balance it with acting responsibly. Know your limits when it comes to drinking so you don’t ruin a night out.

Have info regarding public centres to get tested should hook up with that cute person you fancy in your psychology class. Know how to manage stress when it comes to exam season.

Know that it’s better to have the number for campus police and not need it than to need it and not have it. You’re on your own at college, so learn how to be responsible.

Being smart about finances is also important. Becoming financially independent is integral to life during and after college as you balance tuition fees with living expenses and social outings. You might also start to look into how to wisely invest like Abigail Adams did about 200 years ago.

5. Never Miss Class

This is your chance to create that future you’ve always dreamed of, land that job you’ve always wanted and been that inspiration to other women that you’ve wanted to be since you were given that book on inspiring women in history for your eighth birthday. That is what makes class so important. It is why you worked your butt off to get to where you’re going, so make class your priority. Everything else can wait.

18 thoughts on “5 Things All Girls Need To Know Before Arriving At College”

  1. I’m a girl about to enter college, and these things – especially the making sure I eat healthy – are already stressing me out, and I don’t start for another 2 months!

    1. I hope that the article finds you a bit of comfort! Wishing you all the best with your school journey ahead – it’s an exciting time in your life!

  2. One of the first things I did when my daughter was preparing to start college was to buy her a supply of pepper spray. Naturally you caution your child never to walk around campus alone at night, and always be aware of surroundings, etc., but as a mother that was not enough. A pepper spray container that fits on a key chain is just one extra bit of protection for peace of mind.

  3. Ahh, college days! They should be some of the best days of life! Mine were!
    The only problem I had was financial. So I got a part time job. This meant I did extra duty, but it was so worth it!

  4. anexpertonnothing

    Don’t forget “try new things”! I think this is the most important one, as this is the time to try sports/food/people/films that you’ve never tried before.

  5. Excellent post! Learning to cook was a huge one for me! My colleagues were gaining some serious weight and burning through their paychecks on foods. I used to see cooking as a chore, but once I saw the benefits, it was all worth it!

  6. Great post!
    We all should be responsible for our own work, especially when we are living alone or in hostel.
    You have depicted good points for all youths to understand.

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