Embarrassing Health Problems and How to Confront Them

Any health problem can be a struggle to deal with. Confronting an issue and seeing a doctor about it aren’t always easy things to do, but you usually get them done eventually. However, some problems can be even harder to deal with because it’s not just you who notices them. If a health problem is noticeable to other people, it can be embarrassing for you to deal with. You might spend a lot of your time trying to hide it or find solutions to fix it, and perhaps be reluctant to see someone about it. If you experience any of these potentially embarrassing problems, there might be some simple solutions to help you address them.

Potentially distressing sweaty underarms

Health problems like excess sweating can be distressing. Here are ways to get them under control. Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Sweating Too Much

Sweating is a natural bodily function that we all have, which helps to keep us cool. However, sometimes you can feel like you’re sweating too much. This can leave stains on your clothes and perhaps cause you to have an unpleasant body odor too. The first step you can take if you sweat a lot is to try out a range of antiperspirants.

Some of the more advanced products have a high level of active ingredients to help control sweating. However, if you find these don’t work, a visit to your doctor could be useful. Excessive sweating can be controlled using medical treatments, such as Botox injections. Continue reading


Eye Spy: Easy Ways to Protect Your Eyes

When you hear people talking about their health, it’s common to focus on eating well and being active, but being healthy doesn’t stop here. There are lots of vital organs and systems you need to protect, including your eyes. Your eyes are incredibly important and valuable. They give you the ability to see the world in all its glory and to communicate with others and appreciate what’s around you. We often take our sight for granted and don’t give eye care a second thought. If you’re keen to do more to protect your eyes, here are some simple tips to take on board.

Eye care deserves your attention

Protect your eyes by following these tips. Pixabay image, CC0 Public Domain.

Book an eye test

When was the last time you had your eyes tested? When you’re young, you tend to have regular tests, but as you grow older, it’s common to go for years without paying optometrists a visit. The trouble with avoiding routine eye tests is that it can take a long time for your vision to change or deteriorate. This means that you may not notice any difference until your symptoms become advanced. You may experience headaches as a result of straining to read, for example. Continue reading