Weekly Inspirational Roundup (Volume 2)

Welcome to the second installment of the weekly inspirational roundup! I received feedback from many of you that the first post of this Friday series was great for finding new blogs and bloggers to connect with, as well as finding inspirational reads. There are many great posts published every day, and it’s my pleasure to share a few of them with you every Friday. So, here’s volume 2.

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s EF Management Post

I often head over to Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s blog titled “ADD… and-so-much-MORE!” Why go there? I get my fill of psychology, health, research and the relations between them all. Her EF Management Tips and Tricks post is one to spotlight this week. EF stands for executive functioning, and there is a lot to learn about it.

In particular, Madelyn’s section on Feed Your Head spoke to me as it conjured up a therapy session in which my therapist told me to eat regularly (which I wasn’t doing) as a way to get my brain working optimally. I was in a mental fog for a long time. Please check out the post and Madelyn’s other posts. I am always learning so much over there!

Don’t Give Up, As Per Orlando Espinosa

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Cure Your Back Pain without Harming Your Wallet

There’s only one thing more painful than back pain and that is the thought of how much money it is going to cost to cure it. Everything from medical bills through to months off work without pay can take a toll on your finances. When back pain strikes, you need something that is going to cure it fast, before it seriously starts to affect your family finances. Here are some top tips for getting back on your feet without spending a fortune.

This woman wants to cure her backache

What is causing your back pain? Pexels image, CC0 License.

Find out what is causing your back pain

Back pain happens to most people at some time in their lives, especially as they get older. The most cost-effective way of dealing with it is to find out exactly what caused it so that you can make sure that it does not happen again. Continue reading