Healthy Changes in 30 Days (Guest Post)

Please join me in welcoming Morgan of the Friendly Food blog here today for a guest post on healthy monthly eating challenges. Here’s Morgan to explain what her family is doing to change their eating habits – and why exactly they’re doing it. Take it away, Morgan!


If being healthy is hard, and handling change is hard, than making healthy changes is damn near impossible!

My husband and I have made the commitment to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by making one small healthy change a month! It is not about loosing weight or being more attractive, (we are pretty darn cute to begin with!) but it is about controlling what we put into our bodies.

Healthy living 30 day challenges

Morgan and her husband Jack are making health changes to improve their lives. Photo via Morgan of the Friendly Food blog.

There is no denying that society is getting sicker, fatter and dealing with more and more mental health issues then ever before. There is also no denying that people don’t eat like they used to either. Maybe there is a connection….maybe there’s not, but we are trying to find out!

We made little changes every month like reducing sodium from meals, eating more eggs for breakfast and never throwing compost in the garbage (we freeze our compost them bring it out to our “pit” to break down before adding it to our gardens…it is marvellous.

Our first big change was to eliminate all wheat from our diets for 30 days. It was a scary venture since I am sort of a carb freak, but let me tell you, it was one of the easiest things I have done! We eat so many fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats that I don’t miss bread in the least. It is fun to coins up with new and exciting recipes and search the farmers market for new fresh ingredients to cook with! Going gluten free for me resulted in more energy, less fogginess and my anxiety is gone. We do not plan on eating wheat ever again.

Our next big challenge is to cut out sugar! Again, I am scared and don’t know how I will drink my morning coffee, but since we have accomplished all of our healthy changes so far, I feel confident that we will rise above and again get through the challenge unharmed and healthier then ever!

Remember, getting healthy doesn’t have to happen over night. If it takes many steps and many months to get to where your going, then you know you will be there to stay!


To find out more about the healthy eating challenges, follow the Friendly Food blog (scroll up for the link) and like the Facebook page. Cheers to good health!


Taking the Stress Out Of Life’s Toughest Moments

It would be really nice to be able to say that life is always easy and you would never have to face any hardships. Of course, anyone who’s stepped outside their home once in their life could tell you that that simply isn’t the case. In reality, life can be incredibly difficult, and it often involves a lot of things that you really don’t want to have to deal with. Sadly, just because you don’t want to deal with something doesn’t mean that you can avoid it. Sometimes you just have to face up to those tough moments in life. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them easier to deal with. In the end, it’s all about how you deal with the difficult moments that life throws at you more than anything else. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can avoid letting the toughest times in your life get you down.

Losing your job

Get back on the horse after job loss

Losing your job is upsetting, particularly from a financial perspective. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

There is a whole host of reasons why losing your job can be an incredibly upsetting experience. The first, and most obvious is financial. Losing your job means losing your income. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re probably not going to be in the position where you can lose your income and still be financially stable. Whether you live alone or with a partner, it can be very scary to go without money for even a little while. Because of that, it’s important not to wallow for too long.

You need to get back on the horse as quickly as possible so that you don’t have any kind of serious gap in your income for too long. Not only that but the emotional toll of losing your job can be very serious, especially if it was a job that you loved. However, once again the solution is to get back out there and find something new as quickly as possible before you have a chance to overthink things and get yourself into a bad frame of mind.

The end of a relationship

It’s very common that relationships end, it happens every day. That doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly upsetting when it happens to you. The most important thing is to avoid point scoring. Being petty and trying to “win” at a break-up is just going to cause people to get hurt more than they otherwise would.

When you’re dealing with things like divorce and children, make sure that you do things sensibly and without too much emotion. Contact a family law firm so that you have some clear guidance on what to do next and how to behave. It might feel good in the short term to be petty and angry, but it’s only going to make things worse in the long run.


Coping with a serious illness

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is scary. It can be easy to wallow in self-pity but that won’t help you. Pexels, CC0 License.

Getting sick can be scary, especially if it’s something serious. The important thing to remember is that modern medicine can do some truly incredible things and almost everything has some kind of treatment available. Otherwise, the most important thing is to simply keep living your life as much as possible. Giving yourself things that will distract you and finding the joy in life is the best way to handle any illness. Wallowing in self-pity is just going to make the whole situation much worse.