Older Than Their Years: Three Health Issues Adults Never Expect In Kids

New parents often rush out and buy family health bibles. Then, a lot of parents read them cover to cover, so they’re prepared to recognize health problems in their kids. But, many of them fail to realize that there are issues their children may face during their development which would never cross our minds.

For the most part, we relate such conditions to teens or adults. As such, we don’t even consider looking out for them in our youngsters. And, of course, you can’t become a wealth of knowledge about every condition under the sun. That’s why I’ve put together a list of three health issues you would never consider your kids could suffer from. Best to be prepared, after all!

Hip Problems

Let’s be honest; most of us relate hip problems to elderly grandparents with tired bones. While this is often the case, the elderly aren’t the only ones who might develop such issues. Though rare, children are susceptible to hip problems, too. Children’s bones are malleable as they grow. So, an injury could lead to their hips growing wrong. Or, it may be that an underlying condition causes problems. Just remember, if your child often complains of hip pain, it’s a sure sign that something’s wrong. Little bones don’t ache for
the fun of it!

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Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?

This is a quality opinion piece from author John Fiorovanti on gender inequality. As a former high school teacher with a genuine writing voice, he has a lot to share on his blog so I encourage you to follow it.

Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti

In two previous posts in this series Let’s Talk! I shared my concerns about shared issues that impact humanity all over the world. In Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It? I briefly discussed some pros and cons and concluded that nationalism no longer serves humanity. I put forward a suggestion in Global Rule: Is It Feasible? that a world government may well allow people worldwide to tackle our common problems more efficiently. Today, I’m highlighting the issue of gender equity that has plagued us throughout our history.

I was born in 1951 to a strong, intelligent woman. As well, I’m an older brother to another, husband to another, father to a daughter who is CEO of the Canadian operations of an international insurance broker, and I’m a grandfather to yet another self-assertive and intelligent female. All of my female friends are talented with strong personalities. With that introduction, the words that follow…

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What to Really Teach Your Children

It’s easy to allow for the only education your child receives to be at school. It’s easy to see your child’s education as only comprising of what they study. It’s easy to send your child off to school every morning and have their education stop when they return home of an evening. It’s easy to do these things, so don’t worry if you do it. However, as a parent you owe it to your child to teach them more. You owe it to them to teach them about life.

Parents, kids, and values

Teaching children more than just Science or Maths. Wikimedia Commons image.


Teaching your children about values is just as important as teaching them Maths, English and Science. Without the right values in place during the very tender time of transitioning from childhood to adulthood, your child could be in danger of taking very dangerous paths. So, start teaching them about values as best you can, as early as you can.

One way to teach them about the value of hard work is to get them involved with a task that requires them to get a bit dirty. One such task is weeding: by having your child help you weed the garden they will soon understand that to get the job the done, first they will have to encounter a whole lot of mud. By doing so, you will also be doing all you can to garner an appreciation of the great outdoors within them.

Skills for the workplace

As monotonous as it may sound, it never hurts to distill skills within your child that will help them thrive in the workplace. No, this doesn’t mean choosing out a specific career path for them by tailoring what specific skills and knowledge they receive. It means providing them with general skills that could help them succeed no matter what line of work they get themselves into.

This could mean distilling within them the skills such as how to make a good impression. How to maintain a courteous attitude. How to read body language. How to both ask and listen to questions, and how to find the perfect balance between the two. How to establish a rapport with both similar and different kinds of people. And other skills that would be found on a typical bout of customer service training.

When your child is aware that the way they act around others is just as much of a determining factor in their success in adulthood as their schoolwork is. And when your child is able to easily showcase the skills mentioned above. He or she will enter adulthood with all the tools needed for success.

Keep Them Motivated

Inspiring your children to follow their dreams and be themselves is absolutely what you should be doing as a parent. Keeping them motivated enough to chase whatever dream it is that they have is pivotal. Helping them maintain a degree of childishness and that childish spark is what you should be doing. However, you shouldn’t let these be the only driving factors of your parenting. You must mix them with elements of realism too.

As a parent, you owe it to your children to prepare them as best you can for childhood. Yes, push and then stand by them as they chase their own life in adulthood. But make sure you make them fully aware of what is coming, as well as how to deal with it.