What to Do When Pain Becomes a Normal Part of Your Life

Let’s clear some things up first: pain shouldn’t be a normal part of your life, but chronic pain is a condition that affects a large number of people in the world. Some attribute it to old age, others think it’s to do with underlying health conditions, and some are convinced they have to live with it. However, as debilitating as it can be, there are plenty of treatments available and a proper diagnosis will do wonders for you. If you believe that you’re suffering from chronic pain, then here are a couple of ways to get around those issues and live a pain-free life.

Are you living in pain like this adult?

If you are suffering from chronic pain, these tips may help you. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Diagnose the problem

First of all, don’t go online and try to look for people that have similar symptoms. Chronic pain is a personal experience and it’s usually different for everyone you meet. Some people will have it at different times to you, some will experience pain in other parts of the body, and some experience different types of pain.

Since it can occur at seemingly random times and in different locations on the body, it’s best you see a doctor to have the problem diagnosed properly and by a professional. Technology and the internet can only take you so far, so try not to rely too much on a self diagnosis.

Seeking advice

As usual, the first person to seek advice with should be a doctor. They should be able to teach you some basic chronic pain management techniques or at least refer you to a more specialized doctor that will tell you how to lessen the effects of chronic pain.

These usually involve meditative breathing exercises and you might be prescribed some painkillers for immediate relief. In some situations, surgery may be required to improve your condition, but this is rare and usually optional unless the pain becomes too much to deal with.

Fitting your life around your pain

Depending on what your diagnosis is, it’s possible to fit your life around your pain. One of the most basic examples is to look into your furniture if you have a back issue. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, then you’ll want to have a sturdy chair that is capable of supporting your entire back.

This might require a bit of trial and error, but there are usually some furniture pieces that are designed specifically to be ergonomic and to reduce the pain you experience.

Mental health

Chronic pain can be debilitating to a point that it will affect your mental health. This usually means it will interfere with your daily life and can even cause stress at times. It’s taxing on the body and is known to raise your anxiety levels and even cause depression.

It’s important to look after your mental state during this time because it can easily spiral out of control. Focus on trying to surround yourself with positivity in order to help manage your pain, and always seek help when times get rough. Remember that you’re never alone in your journey, and there are plenty of online communities and support groups that are ready to help you every step of the way.


Kickstarting a Music Career

Musical artist getting ready to record a song

Getting your music career off the ground. Some basic tips for you here. Image via Free Great Picture.

Getting a music career off the ground isn’t easy. There are thousands of people out there right now fighting for their music to be heard. That said, you should never abandon your dreams. Even if you’re not about to become the next Ed Sheeran or Adele, you can still gain a fanbase and make some money from your passion simply by taking a professional stance. Here are just a few ways to find your feet as a musical artist.

Play some gigs

Playing live is still the best way to get yourself heard. Contact some local venues and use your connections to find supporting slots. Play enough gigs and you’ll start getting dedicated fans whilst making money. In order to get comfortable playing live try out busking, try playing in local bars or play to local friends and family.

Sites such as Music Industry How To have some great guides for developing stage presence. Remember that no band sells out on their first show – some of the biggest acts rose to fame through slow and steady touring.

Steal some studio time

Having a recorded song/EP/album should be your next step. There are plenty of pieces of software out there for bedroom producers wanting to take the DIY approach, but if you haven’t got the patience to learn all these production skills grabbing some studio time could be the best option.

Many recording studios may offer a free hour taster session or seasonal discounts on studio time. Make use of these promotions and get yourself a professionally recorded track or album that you can then promote.

Distribute your music

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