Stigma Quote

Very on point. This quote from the Living in Stigma blog shows that there is a still a stigma surrounding mental illness. Reblog!

living in stigma

Mental illness stigma

I had to write this quote as it reminded me of a relative who visited me in the hospital.  Perhaps she assumed I lost my marbles along with the depression?  Perfect example of stigma.

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Don’t Let Insomnia into Your Life

This woman in bed has insomnia

Sleeplessness. What causes it? Image via Flickr.

By definition, insomnia is ‘habitual sleeplessness or an inability to sleep.’ The words seem harmless, but the condition definitely isn’t. Imagine nights of staring at the clock, exhausted but unable to get any sleep. It can strike anybody, at any time and lead to major health issues, including depression. Yet, few of us know enough about the condition to protect ourselves. For many of us, insomnia is one of those distant things that happens to other people. Is it any wonder, then, that it can floor us completely?

Like with any health-related issue, the best way to avoid the problem is to know more about it. For one; what causes insomnia? You can’t take steps towards prevention without knowing. The bad news is, this is a tricky issue. Many factors could cause problems, and there are different forms of insomnia. All you can really do, then, is find out a little about each. It’s worth mentioning that underlying issues often cause this problem. If you start suffering from an excessive inability to sleep for no clear reason, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor.

But, sometimes there is a cause. Insomnia often occurs due to pain. How can you shut down and sleep when your brain is dealing with excessive amounts of discomfort? It may be that you have an underlying health condition, such as a back problem. Or, perhaps your mattress itself is too uncomfortable to sleep on. If you wake up often in the night, this is something worth considering. Continue reading