Easy Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Similar to bathing and eating their vegetables, brushing their teeth is something that kids aren’t always happy to do. In fact, many kids see this necessary routine as a chore, and do their best to actively resist it! As tough as it may be, establishing a regular tooth-brushing regimen is just one of those parts of raising kids that we have to deal with. Here are a few easy tricks that might help in getting your kids to brush.

Girl brushing her teeth for good health

Tricks to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Show Them How Dirty Their Teeth Are

When we tell our kids about nasty sugar bugs that eat holes in their teeth, this is usually met with skepticism. If your kids aren’t convinced about the importance of brushing, then show them just how dirty their teeth are after a day of eating.

Here, we’re talking about getting some disclosing tablets, available at most pharmacists and family dental care practices, and using them with your children one night. They simply chew them up, and the color will show clearly where all the plaque is. This should convince them that brushing really does make a difference!

Get Them to Make Bubbles

Another fun little way to get your children to brush is encouraging them to make bubbles when they brush. This means they’re doing a good job. As an extra bit of motivation, you might want to have a bubble-making contest between your children, seeing who can get their mouth the bubbliest every night. As long as this doesn’t spark a session of brotherly roughhousing, it will make your job as a parent so much easier! Continue reading