Time to be Green: Ways You Can Make a Difference

We are always looking for ways to help the planet. After all, we want to ensure the world stays in good condition for future generations. However, a lot of people struggle to find ways they can help as an individual. But there are plenty of things you can do in your normal life to be more green and ultimately help the planet. In fact, here are some ideas of how you can be more green and make a difference in your daily life.

At work

We firstly need to take our attention to our work life in the quest to be more eco-friendly in our lives. After all, there are lots of changes we can make in our work routine to make a difference. Firstly, you should consider how you are getting to work. So many people rely on their vehicle to get them to their workplace. But if you are constantly using your car, you are affecting the environment. Therefore, be more green by skipping the car and using a bike or even bus to get to work instead.

Also, you need to make sure you turn off your tech when it’s time for lunch. So many people leave their computers on all day, but they are wasting a ton of energy. Therefore, ensure you put the computer to sleep to help the environment. And try and not waste so much paper during the day. Take notes on your tablet or computer instead!

Biking is a more eco-friendly transportation option than driving

Go green by skipping the car and biking to work, if you can. Image via Public Domain Pictures.

At home

You also need to look at your home life for ways to be more eco-friendly. After all, there are lots of changes you can make to ensure you are a greener family. For one thing, you need to ensure you are recycling. As much as it’s tempting to put everything in the trash, take the time to separate them into the right sections. And if you have any electronic items, you can even attempt to sell them online. That way, you can repurpose the item and make money at the same time. You should also take steps to go more eco-friendly with your heating. In fact, you might want to change to solar energy which will not only save you money, but it will help the environment. And while it can be pricey to install, it will help you to sell your home in the future. After all, it’s an appealing feature that people will love to have in their home.

Solar energy on a home

Solar panels will hopefully come down in price soon. They are a great renewable energy source. Piaxaby, CC0 Public Domain.

On the go

You can also make green changes to your life when you are on the go. First things first, ensure you take a reusable bag with you for your shopping. You don’t want to waste plastic bags which will end up contributing to the world’s waste!

Also, take the time to look in second-hand stores. After all, by purchasing clothes that have been used previously, you can ensure you are giving them a second shot at life. And don’t hesitate to take the kids to do green activities while out and about. Taking a trip to the park will ensure you are eco-friendly while the kids have a great time!

And once you are more green in your life, you can feel happier you are making a difference in the world!


Teach Your Kids to Stand on Their Own & Value Their Independence

In today’s world where parents are criticized for letting their kids ride their bikes on their own or play at the park with their friends, many parents have become over protective of their kids, mollycoddling them far more than is necessary. Of course, today it does seem as if there are more threats to children than their once were, which means that it makes sense to hold them a little tighter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them grow. Believe it or not, you can keep our kids safe and let them stand on their own two feet; it’s just a case of getting the balance right.

As parents, naturally you want your kids to grow up into happy, healthy adults that are able to successfully stand on their own two feet and be independent. But the issue is that if you are too overprotective of our kids, it can impact them negatively as they grow, leading to them being too reliant on the parent, and thus struggling to be independent as adults. However, if you teach your kids how to stand on their own two feet and what the value of independence is from a young age, they have a much better chance of growing into successful adults. Here’s how to do that:

Encourage your little ones to cook

This girl is having fun in the kitchen

Get your kids cooking to help them be more independent. By Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Research shows that on average 30% of adults can’t cook – they can make toast, cereal, or a sandwich but they cannot cook proper meals. This means that just under a third of the population relies on ready meals, takeaways, and junk food to get by – that’s a scary statistic, isn’t it? If you can’t cook, it’s impossible to be totally independent because you have to rely on someone else to feed you. The issue with living off ready made food and takeaways is that not only is it incredibly unhealthy, but it also tends to be rather pricey.

It’s clear that learning to cook is a vital life skill, especially if you want to ensure that your children are capable of standing on their own two feet. So it’s a good idea to start teaching your kids to cook from a young age. It doesn’t matter whether it’s simply baking cupcakes or cookies or making soup, just as long as your little ones are learning to find their way around the kitchen.

As your kids get older, it could be worth asking them to cook once or twice a week, to help them to master different meals. Obviously, you can supervise them if you feel that you want to, but it’s best to let them just get on with it so that they are learning to do things for themselves. Continue reading

Your Responsibility as a Parent? Finances

Parents worldwide have a whole bunch of responsibilities. As a mother, there’s a whole lot that is going to be on your plate, and you’re going to have a lot to take care of each and every single day. That’s without thinking about your work – and of course your own life.

No matter where you are, if you are a parent, you’ve got plenty of jobs to do. Those responsibilities don’t vary much and they are almost entirely about ensuring your kids are safe, happy, healthy and that they have the best foundation possible for a good life. No matter where you live – that’s the bare minimum that you must do as the head of a family.

But you also have another huge responsibility – you need to be the accountant of the family and look after the finances. Yes – as an adult and a parent, you’re in charge of the family’s cash and this is a huge responsibility. After all – not much can be done for the family without money. You can’t buy food, or pay for a mortgage – or rent. You’re in charge of the purse strings, and that can be a hard job – almost as hard as the task you have on your hands of looking after your kids. Almost. Continue reading