Top Tips on How to Deal with a Cycling Accident

How to respond if you're in a bicycle accident

A cycling accident just happened. What to do? By MOILIP (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Cycling to and from work, and using our bikes to get from A to B, has never been so popular. Whilst we are aware of the benefits of using our bikes to get around, from being eco-friendly to improving fitness, we also have to be aware of the dangers, so we need to go to great lengths to make sure we are safe. Should the worst case scenario happen, and you are involved in an accident, see the top tips below on how to react, and on what to do to make sure you are properly protected and legally covered.

Make Sure Everyone is OK

Firstly you are going to need to survey the situation and see if there is anyone involved that is going to need medical attention. If an ambulance is not necessary, but there are quite a few vehicles and / or cyclists involved then you are going to need to contact the police.

Who is to Blame?

You will then need to figure out who was to blame for the accident as this could be key later if later on down the road you want to sue for compensation for any damages to your bike or any injuries sustained to your person. Make sure you write down any specific damage to your bike and alert the police, at the scene, about the damages done to your bike due to the accident.

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Amazing Careers That Can Help New Moms

Careers Helping Expectant and New Mothers

New moms and moms-to-be can use the extra help. These career choices may not have occurred to you… yet. By Pixabay.

There are loads of careers out there that give you an opportunity to help others. And perhaps more people should be looking to get into careers such as these. When you consider the fact that so many people these days are dissatisfied with their job, it makes you wonder. If these people had jobs that really saw a good impact on the world, would they be a bit more happy with their line of work?

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at some great careers that will see you helping new moms, either just before birth, during birth, or afterwards! As many of you may already know, new moms can often do with all the help they can get. Here are a few of the best examples of such careers.

Midwife checks on mom

Midwives play an important role in maintaining the health and safety of children and new moms. By Suzanne M. Day [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


This suggestion is probably the most obvious, but that shouldn’t diminish its importance in any way. You can read more about the career path at Expert midwives with calming and helpful demeanors are always needed. Some of you may have met midwives in your time who didn’t seem all that helpful or kind! Midwives have played an essential role in childbirth for millennia; to be the best midwife possible, it’s important to have not just wide knowledge, but also an open mind – consider how many different ways in which someone may choose to give birth. You need to be adaptable to many situations.

Fitness trainer

A lot of people underestimate the importance of exercise in this process. Sure, expectant mothers and those who have not long given birth probably shouldn’t be running marathons. But exercise helps keep them flexible and healthy, helping to combat pain and mood problems. You can read more about becoming a fitness instructor in this area at A thorough understanding of the relevant anatomy and safe exercise techniques is essential.

A counseling career is a great way to support moms-to-be

Support group for moms-to-be can be a vital lifeline for women. This mom reunites with her physicians at a Centering Pregnancy support group reunion. By SAFB.


Here’s something that not enough people talk about; the fact that many new mothers, or even those not far away from giving birth, may feel quite severe mood drops. Hopefully, you’ll have heard about postpartum depression, a serious issue that many mothers sadly feel ashamed to discuss with their friends or even their doctor.

Becoming a counselor in this field can help many new mothers; you can read more about this sort of career at Though it’s estimated to only affect not much more than 1% of deliveries, that’s still a lot of women – and it’s suggested that the real figure is probably much higher. The good you could do in this field should not be underestimated.


A lot of new and expectant moms head to the Internet to do a lot of the reading they need to do! They’re generally looking to connect with people who have been in a similar situation and are willing to offer advice. That often comes in the form of a blog! So if you want to help new moms, maybe you should consider starting up a blog on the subject. There are resources on this blog that can help you get started!

Cutting Down the Price of Being a Parent

Being a parent can be expensive

Saving money as a parent with young kids. Is it possible? These tips may help you. Photo via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Being a parent, aside from how incredibly rewarding it is, gets very expensive. In today’s culture, it’s become more and more common for parents to shower their children with games consoles, new mobile devices, and so many other things that will punch a major hole in our personal finances. Overspending isn’t good for you or your kids. If you know you’re guilty of this kind of impulsive consumerism, here are a few ways to turn it around…

Go Online for Baby and Toddler Purchases

Woman goes onto a website to buy used clothes for toddlers

She saves money shopping online. Photo via Pixabay, CC0 Public License.

If you’ve got especially young kids, try to go as cheap as possible, as babies and toddlers outgrow their clothes and toys faster than you’d believe. If you’ve never bought used kids’ items on eBay and similar online platforms, then give it a try.

The web is bursting with gently used clothes, toys and books that can be sourced for a very low price. The pricey electronics and la Perla swimwear can wait until you know your kids are going to get a lot of use out of them. When buying used online, just exercise a little diligence, for example making sure that none of the products you’ve got your eye on have been recalled for safety reasons. Continue reading