Thoughts of #Peace

This blog post from Tina Frisco is just what the world needs right now ♥ May it bring comfort to the UK and all who are in need of words that speak of peace. Re-blogging!


Photo by Terri Webster Schrandt Image courtesy of Terri Webster Schrandt

Our thoughts and prayers are with
our sisters and brothers in London
The hatred evidenced by terrorist attacks around the world could easily be met with equal hatred, should we allow it. But how would that identify and inform us as a species? What would that do to the hearts and minds of individuals as well as society? What do we want to teach our children, and what kind of world do we want to leave them?
It is a challenge to keep our hearts open amid such unconscionable acts of violence. Yet it is our only hope of survival. Meeting these despicable acts with an equal amount of aggression could lead to our annihilation in this nuclear age. At the very least, it could alter our consciences and consciousness to a degree beyond repair. And that is as unacceptable as the terrorist…

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5 Ways to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

Filling up the camera with kids' photographs

This woman is learning to take better photos of her kids. Photo via Pexels.

If you have kids, chances are you have already filled up your camera memory taking hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of them. Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket at all times, it has become easier than ever to take photos wherever you are. But you may be asking yourself how to take the best quality photos of your kids; the ones that you will be able to look back on for years to come. So, here are a few ways that you can improve the photos you take of your kids.

Get Down to Their Level

If you are constantly taking photos from above your kids, you are much less likely to get quality snaps. Instead, you need to get down to their level so you have the best chance of capturing the world from their perspective.

Sometimes, they are even better if they are taken from below, so don’t be afraid to lie down flat on the ground! This may even work to get your kids giggling so you can take even better shots!

Take Natural Photos

Some of the best photos are not posed shots.

A natural moment between this woman and her child is captured in a photo. Image via Pexels.

Too many posed photos just aren’t really that interesting. Just think of the favorite photos in your collection; how many of them are of people doing forced smiles at the camera. Instead, try to get pictures of your kids playing.

This works even better if they have siblings, friends or your partner who can distract their attention away from the camera. The natural photos are definitely the ones you will treasure in the future.

Play Dress Up

Most kids love to dress up and most parents love to see their kids dressing up so it really is a win-win situation! You probably don’t need any excuse to buy some new cute baby onesies! The sense of joy that kids get from wearing different clothes usually means that you will be able to take some great photos.

Why not join in the fun by dressing up yourself? This is bound to get your kids laughing! Continue reading

Save Money, Save the Planet

Save money at home by reharvesting rainwater

Reharvesting rainwater is a way to help save the planet. Let’s each do our part! Image via Flickr.

Homes everywhere are going green, and not just to save the environment. Going green can also save you a lot of money. Here are just a few ways that you can start opting to be eco-friendly around the home.

Repurpose and recycle – don’t throw away

Landfill sites are filling up and replacing items can be expensive. Don’t chuck everything away the moment that it’s broken – get creative and repurpose that item. Curtains, duvet covers and table-cloths could be an opportunity to make your own custom clothing.

Holes in upholstery from cat scratches can be patched decoratively with doilies. A chair with a hole in the seat can be resurrected by fastening some belts around it and making a new seat. Even if you’re certain you have no use for the item, someone else could do – and they might be prepared to pay money for. There are lots of places online where you sell old electronics for parts or fabric for clothing.

Solar panels as a greener energy source

Solar panels are an eco-friendly solution. Image via Pixabay.

Choose greener energy sources

You may be able to save money on your energy bills by converting to a greener alternative. The likes of American Power and Gas get their energy from sustainable sources and charge much cheaper rates.

Then of course there’s always the DIY approach of getting solar panels installed on your property. Whilst the initial cost of installing them is high, you can make up this cost in a few years and could effectively then be electric-bill-free.

Insulate your home

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