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Who Run the World? Why We Need to Support Female Artists

Female artists, including Beyonce, need support

Women tend to have a hard time of it in artistic industries. Especially female musicians. You might raise your eyebrows at this. There are plenty of female pop stars out there, right? But when you look at the number of female musicians compared to men, there aren’t all that many receiving much attention outside of the pop charts.

It seems to be that women are only praised within the music industry when they fit a certain bubblegum teen queen mold. That’s not to knock the chart queens: they’re doing a great job. But it seems like now more than ever, we need to lend our full support to all female artists. Here’s why.

Embracing Feminism

In the past, many female artists have shied away from the term “feminism.” Madonna rejects the term in favor of being “humanist,” Ke$ha only admits to being feminist in some ways and Kelly Clarkson has spurned the term outright. By the way, Kelly Clarkson did a great cove of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

But recently, women are being more open about embracing the label. After all, feminism just means equality of the sexes. What’s not to like there?! Music is a great platform for spreading the message of equality. Take Beyonce’s recent efforts.

Her track “Flawless” features prominent feminist speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, allowing her message to reach millions of fans across the world. Many of us can repeat what is essentially a feminist manifesto by heart due to its incorporation into popular culture.

Bands such as Pussy Riot have also used music as a way to highlight inequality and promote a reconsideration of gender roles in society. Their guerrilla-style performances may have landed members in jail, but they brought light to some serious issues for women in modern-day society.


When you support talented female artists, you promote their success and expose their works and ideals to a wider audience. This helps to dispel the myth that there aren’t many great women artists out there.

The most famous musicians in popular culture tend to be male: Elton John, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The Who. They’re all comprised of men. So let’s get some more females up there.

Artists such as Bjork, Kate Bush, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston have created some of the most brilliant pieces of music known to man. But there are smaller artists out there who are just as capable.

It’s time they’re boosted to receive the fame and recognition that they deserve too. So head to a Ticket Merchant and get a ticket for your favorite woman artist’s next show. Stand in the crowd in front of them and help to raise their profile. Purchase their albums and make a demand for what they’re creating. Support is everything.

Try It Out Yourself

Many women are hesitant to pick up an instrument and create music themselves. Thousands of teen boys are given guitars and drumkits for their birthdays, but not so many teen girls. Throw assumptions to the side. If you are female and interested in creating music, you have just as much right to pick up an instrument as anyone else.


Top photo: Beyonce performs in Central Park, NYC, as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series (2011). Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

49 thoughts on “Who Run the World? Why We Need to Support Female Artists”

  1. I love this article and it’s so true women artist are not given the same attention as the men. There are so many female artist that need to be heard. Great post!

    1. I have so many female fronted and all female bands I love, and plenty of artists as well. Off top, I’d say Kiiara, Melanie Martinez, Sia, Butcher Babies, Snow Tha Product… but I listen to so much music and there’s so many artists that deserve the spotlight. Maybe I’ll write a few pieces myself. I love it when female artists get to shine.

    2. Great :) Thanks for the suggestions here and if you decide to submit a piece to the blog here about any of your fave female artists then feel free to reach out to me via the form on the About page.

  2. Love this!! You’ve raised a really important point especially in the music industry today, female DJ’s too are so underrepresented!! I have been trying to focus on this same issue on my blog, would love it if you could have a read and tell me your thoughts!! x

  3. Great article! And very true, indeed. I find that these kind of inequalities are also present amongst journalists and novelists. As an aspiring journalist, the study of this unequal landscape is extremely important to me, as I can tell the unequal landscape of the music industry is important to you! I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

  4. Alessandro Tinchini

    I am all for female artists. I am a great fan of women’s work. Your example about the music industry fits very well here, Christy. My favorite musician is the dearly beloved Prince, who recruited mostly women as members of his band. Remember Wendy & Lisa, guitar and keyboards respectively in Prince’s band The Revolution? Or the fabulous Sheila E? Not to mention his latest all women band 3rd Eye Girl. But beside these talented musicians I also appreciate the work of PJ Harvey, a revolutionary artist and too much underestimated; Sheryl Crow, especially her debut album and the blissful Tori Amos. I’ll never forget that gem called “Little Earthquakes”.

    1. Great additions to the female artist lineup you make with this comment, Allesandro! You remind me how Prince was all for female empowerment – his actions were louder than words! Thanks for appreciating this post and adding more value to it :) Now I want to go listen to some more female singers!

  5. I’m just shocked that we are still writing about this.. I would have thought that by now equality would go without saying, but it seems we took a few steps back a while ago.

  6. I second that, Christy. I had to beg, borrow, and practically steal to get my first guitar. We women need to support each other in all ways. Terrific post ❤

    1. I don’t always understand when women see one another as competition so your words “women need to support each other in all ways” make me happy, Tina :) ♥

  7. hiddenpositives

    This is the best piece I’ve read today! You’re absolutely right. Feminism isn’t this ugly thing that it’s been made out to be, feminism is so important and female artists (particularly Beyoncé for me) are so influential in supporting women and equality. So well written, well done!

    1. Your enthusiasm makes me positive that we’re moving toward equality! After all if we are all very passionate about the cause then we WILL get there :)

  8. Equality is a given inside my head. Sadly, not always so outside this head of mine – weird and odd. If the average seemingly testosterone charged male thought positively about it, the issue would be done and dusted and we could all get on with equal lives without having to think about it.

    1. Yes! Equality would benefit men and women – all of us! I wish that everyone understood that.. Thanks Zoolon (is that what I ought to call you?!) :)

    2. It’s not a complicated thing, equality. Just there’s too many Stone-age blokes about, sadly. By the way, ‘George’ would be good.

    3. George it is then :) Sometimes the simple things become the most difficult for some people to understand… somehow…

    4. Cave man stereotypes everything. Nothing too much wrong with stereotyping, only when it’s used to a ‘point scoring end’ does it ruin everything. I still prefer animals to people as a general rule.

    5. I know a few people who would agree with you about animals being better friends than people.. which means some bad experiences have been had.. I like escaping into poetry and stories sometimes to avoid, well, potentially hurtful interactions..

    6. You’re right, although it’s not just bad experiences, more that some people simply aren’t all that nice. It must be the curse of the human race. At least we have words and music to escape to, the unlucky don’t have that.

  9. Thank you for the inspirational post, Christy, about sharing the message of gender equality through music. I’m not sure why the word, “feminism” has such a bad connotation as the movement advocates women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. It is only to society’s benefit that both women and men can both reach their full potential. What better way to influence people beliefs but through music and or artistic endeavors. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I recently told a guy I was a feminist and his look expressed horror… Which echoes what you say about “feminism” getting a bad reputation.. I am nodding at what you wrote in your well-expressed comment here, Linnea. May the rest of your Sunday be wonderful xx

  10. What you say with regards to musicians can hold true for many other creative careers: writing, acting, art, etc. Unfortunately we live in a society where women are seen as being second best. I love what you say – that by supporting women artists, we can lead the world into seeing what great artists women really are.

    1. Great point about this subject applying to many other careers, Colline. I really want women to rise to be all they (we) can be ♥

  11. Super article!
    I actually learned to play the guitar, many years ago. Why did I stop? Many reasons and they are all creatives. I wanted to try painting, designing, writing, photography, film making, beading, macrame, crochet, cooking, I even got a degree in Knit Design and Technology.
    Yes, we should support female artists in the music industry & vice versa. It would be great if a female music artist turned one of your poems into a song. I just could happen!
    In the meantime, your poems are music to me, you are an artist, and a sister and I support you!

    1. A song made from my poem would be a dream come true, Resa! One of many dreams ;) I love hearing more about your creative pursuits ~ Talk about multi-talented! You are an artist for sure and knowing we support one another is such a precious feeling. Thanks for being my sis xx

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