Turn Back the Clock for the Whole Body, Not Just the Skin

All kinds of women are part of the “fight on aging”. They want to look young, to feel young, and experience all the confidence that brings with it. However, the problem with the way many women choose to fight it is that it literally goes only skin deep. It’s about keeping firmer, more supple, with as few grays as possible. It’s time to broaden the scope of the battle and start de-aging the whole body.

Yoga helps with de-aging this woman's body

Yoga and stretching are part of this woman’s “fight on aging” – Photo via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Stretch yourself young

One of the most annoying parts of aging is how that range of mobility just seems to evaporate over time. You find yourself less limber and what starts as a hindrance can but in a few years become truly disabling.

Thorough stretching and yoga aren’t only good for keeping you flexible. They work the muscles that support the body as well, meaning you keep a much greater range of movement as time goes on. If you fail to do it now, it becomes impossible to do it later. They’re also a great way to get low-impact exercise for any ladies suffering from conditions like back pain or arthritis.

Watch your eyes

Perhaps the battlefield that offers the clearest sight of victory is none other than your sight. Glasses and contact lenses can help you see better with some aid and fight off further worsening eyesight. But LASIK eye surgery cost is decreasing and can offer permanent rejuvenation of your sight. That’s impressive for surgery that takes roughly 30 minutes of relatively painless work and a single day of recovery. Continue reading