Inspiring an Imagination in the Next Generation of Women

Let's inspire the next generation of women, our daughters

Inspiration helps the next generation of women jump higher. Photo via Pexels.

We found ourselves caught in a shower thought the other day and it was all about how we can best inspire our daughters so that they can one day inspire others. After all, they are next generation. Of course, it is a question that started off way too big to fully wrap our heads around, which is why we stayed on that thought and kept whittling it down and whittling it down until we were left with just one word: imagination.

Imagination has been at the heart of all change, it has allowed those women we aspire to be like the women who they are. It is also a word that reverberates through a child like no other because it bubbles and fizzes with endless possibility.

All parents know how important it is to foster a child’s imagination, but actually doing so is another matter. It’s not just us either, but schools have this problem also. It could be because the word imagination is often confused with creativity, and that is often confused for people who artists and writers and sculptors. But creativity is the key skill of successful CEOs and politicians too because the power of imagination gives us the power to solve problems. Continue reading