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Jeri Walker Talks Breast Cancer in The Abandoned Boob Chronicles

Inspirational Jeri Walker

Ah yes, the “C” word. C is for Cancer. It also stands for, well, Crappy. Crummy. BUT, when it comes to Jeri Walker, it’s also about being Courageous.

This is Jeri Walker

You may know Jeri from Word Bank Writing & Editing, where she offers writing tips, editing advice, author interviews, and more. It’s literary heaven, really. Through this website, I first got to know Jeri, and we quickly became friends. Her intellect was Captivating (another “C”!).

Then, recently, Jeri reached out with words of her breast cancer diagnosis, and it shook the worlds of so many of us. But Jeri, the resilient woman we know her to be, stands strong and uses The Abandoned Boob Chronicles to bring us her deepest thoughts, struggles, and triumphs.

What are The Abandoned Boob Chronicles?

This is Jeri’s way of gaining support and also sharing her experiences along her breast cancer journey, starting from the diagnosis at age 40. It is a GoFundMe campaign, but once you start to read it, you realize it is about so much more than monetary donations, although that is vital. Any donations made through the page will go toward her living expenses, business expenses, therapy sessions, health insurance-related costs, paying off debt, and tattoos to cover surgery scars.

Here is a bit of what Jeri Walker writes at The Abandoned Chronicles at GoFundMe:

“What I can give to you is my tale. It’s not just a story about breast cancer. This diagnosis has only provided the structure for framing my narrative. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and it’s a long damn story. I’ve hedged for years over what I should be writing. It’s time for me to do what I do best, which is write about life as I know it in hopes of connecting with others. Authenticity is my superpower. What’s yours?”

Jeri delivers regular updates on her GoFundMe Campaign page about her fight and, as she says, she will win. We say, “You’ve got this, Jeri” and wrap our arms around her. Because she needs us just as much as we need her.

Support for Inspirational Jeri

Please consider donating to The Abandoned Boob Chronicles at GoFundMe. If you are unable to do so, a social media share of her page would be an amazing contribution instead. Let’s raise awareness. It’s a team effort.

Jeri Walker is an inspiration not only for anyone battling breast cancer but also anyone who is looking a scary situation in the eye and telling it to go to H-E double hockey sticks.

♥ Christy

35 thoughts on “Jeri Walker Talks Breast Cancer in The Abandoned Boob Chronicles”

  1. Christy, thanks for sharing this post about Jeri, otherwise I would never have known as I’ve been away from blogging for awhile.
    Jeri, we have shared many comments in the past and I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I know all about breast cancer as it is the main genetic flaw in our family. With your attitude and our many prayers you Will win this fight.
    Love to you from Lenie

  2. Yes we do wrap or arms around her! Even if it’s only in a virtual sense. Jeri is an inspiration to me and I know she will be to others throughout this whole process. Go get ’em Jeri!

  3. Jeri is amazing! I follow her chronicles, share her posts and gofundme. Empowering women! Rock on Jeri, so many of us are rooting for you! <3

  4. Good luck with your fight Jeri. You WILL get through this. Currently sharing this on my personal social media. Stay strong!

  5. I haven’t known Jeri for years like some others here but from the beginning, I have been impressed by her courage, humor and generous spirit. I am happy to share Jeri’s fundraiser in addition to following her journey and encouraging my readers to join me.

  6. Christy, thank you for such a touching write up as a way to bring my story and fundraising campaign to a larger audience. I’ve always known I should be writing narrative nonfiction, and my breast cancer diagnosis is the thing that pushed me over the edge. I hope being so up front about things will help others who may face the same thing down the road. When I was diagnosed, the only place I thought to turn were a couple of Facebook friends who had been very public about their ordeal. I’v also been amazed at some of the personal stories others have shared with me via email.

    1. Jeri, truthfully it was not an easy post to write but I am so glad I did it. I had to stop partway through the write as I was crying. I only want the best for you and supporting you is what I will always do ♥

  7. Yikes! Yet another wonderful person meeting the big C. You are a beauty for posting this, Christy! I will spread the word.
    I read that 50% of all people will get a cancer in their lifetime, and that number is rising. I have lost both my mother, a younger sister and more to the demon.
    Cancer makes me think of the old game from childhood…. Monkey in the middle. You run around in a small sphere, dodging a ball. We are all monkeys in cancers middle.
    Best to Jer!.

    1. Resa, one in two people will indeed get cancer in their lifetime. Though for many it happens at a much later age. It’s bound to happen the longer we live. I just never imagined it would happen to me at this stage in my life.

    2. Oh monkeys.. such a powerful metaphor, Resa.. thanks for sharing about Jeri’s campaign and also the words you share about your family. We all have to band together in this fight against the big C. Many hugs xx

  8. Alessandro Tinchini

    I was indeed expecting and waiting for this article, Christy. I found “The Abandoned Boob Chronicles” some days ago, when I didn’t know Jeri had been diagnosed with cancer yet. Jeri and I exchanged thoughts then, talking about some details.
    Already sharing this!

    1. Thank you, Alessandro! And keep up the great work with your fiction ~ such an inventive idea with the Tweets ~ Keep blazing the way!

    2. Alessandro Tinchini

      I’ll blaze the best I can, Christy. Thank you. And thanks to Jeri for being an inspiration for me too. You’ll soon know why ;)

    3. It sounds like you’ll be partnering with Jeri too ~ I look forward to the read, Alessandro. Jeri is an inspiration, yes!

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