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Can you smile too much?

Smile too much nope

Do you ever smile too much? I know, right? You don’t think it’s possible. But, believe it or not (okay if you know me, you believe it!), I smile a lot. I have been told that I smile too much.

Is it possible to smile too much?

Nah, I say, not possible. Another thing that I’ve been told is, “You’re too happy.” Again, what the?! I mean; c’mon people, too happy?! Not possible.

Well, let me clarify. Perhaps if it were a funeral or other place where smiling is inappropriate, then, yes, the phrase would be fine.

Otherwise, nope. I will smile when I want, whenever I want to. Do you see those lines around my eyes? I’ve earned them, from the many great experiences I have had in my life.

Has there been drama too? Heck yes. And then some.

But, and I mean this, I do not choose to live in the dark moments of the past, although I do look back to learn from my mistakes. I focus on the now, the present day, and the smiles that I own. So, I smile.

Smiling to get through it

And, you know, sometimes a smile forms on my face because it motivates me too. As Teagan recently wrote, she creates inspiring messages to help motivate her as much as for the readers.

This way of thinking is similar to when you give a present and feel so much in return from the love felt between you and the gift recipient. That feeling, that happiness within, is a gift in itself.

Health benefits of smiling

Given the research on the link between health and smiling, you’ll be wanting to smile even MORE. Smiling can lower stress levels, according to a recent study from University of Kansas. A smile can help us with coping in trying situations, which gives support to the phrase “grin and bear it.”

Smiling can also speed up the recovery process after experiencing short-term stress. The reason taps into neuroscience. When you smile, blood flows to the brain increases, which undoes the damage of stress. And the smile can even be fake for this to work!

Oh and the next time you’re at the gym or exercising elsewhere, remember to smile. It may just help you enjoy the workout more, and if you’re at the gym to be social, then you’re going to be more likely to get someone else smiling at you and saying “hi.”

Lastly, have you ever noticed how when you smile, it’s more likely that you get someone smiling right back at you? Yup, smiles are contagious.. but in a good way. As per a study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, it is hard not to smile at someone who is smiling at you. While you could frown (it is possible), it’s not easy to do. Besides, why would you want to?

Really, it’s all about the positive. So, let’s keep smiling and have a great day!

110 thoughts on “Can you smile too much?”

  1. “Smile and the world will smile with you”
    It’s impossible to laugh too much. I have notice that people think for people who are smiling always that they are not serious about anything which is so untrue :)

    Keep on smiling ,it looks good on you :)

  2. Very positive post :). Really, it is so good to see people smiling, you feel how happy they are and get feeling of this happiness too. And it’s so good that smiling makes us more healthy :).

  3. Keep on smiling, Christy! You are a beautiful person inside and out. Having a positive outlook has pulled me through many sad occasions and tough times. <3
    A smile towards another person can literally save a life!! :) :D

    1. Your comment made my day, Robin xx Thanks for taking time here and I’ll be over soon to see you. I’ve been away from the blogs ((HUGS, and keep smiling))

    2. No need to hurry, Christy. I feel blessed with your freedom (equality) and peaceful poem. It helped me to right a statement of pride in how liberated my own Dad was on Vanessa’s post, plus of course leaving her a thank you for sharing your poem there. Hugs returned! xo

  4. Just to play devil’s advocate, I’ll mention that smiling may be perceived in the workplace as the expression of a less dominant individual. It can be viewed as a way of consciously or unconsciously placating more powerful individuals. I am w/ you, however. There’s little enough joy in the world. We should smile and laugh whenever we can. Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for bringing the other side of the discussion ~ We’re always open to different views here! It’s interesting how the interpretation of the smile can vary from the boardroom to, say, a first date situation. Keep smiling through the holidays :) Merry Christmas to you too!

  5. Thank You Christy for giving us that Wonderful Message.
    I too am a Big Smiley Face. What I cannot understand is, why people with Power, keep their lips shut tight and feel it below their dignity, to smile back at you. Like if you pass your Boss in the corridor , is it likey that he will return your smile ?? If you see a Star in the Mall, would he/she return your Smile ? Those Biggies Politicians, Leaders, Stars, they are all so ” Proud” to allow themselves to Smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m glad you found it of interest, just as I find with your posts ~ Have a delightful day, Maria!

    1. Awww <3 If so, I'll be there to pick up your face and put it back on you!! OK on the count of 3 let's smile together :)

    1. The word “dolt” is one I haven’t heard for a while and it’s, well, a polite way of saying another word, hehe ;)

  6. Well sometimes smiling too much makes people think you’re weird over here… work I’m the sparky/mechanic/plumber/health & safety bloke/gopher & whatever else you can think of…I make everyone at work smile but the boss says I’m not wired up right…I just don’t know what he means 😂😂

    1. Hahaha “not wired right”.. Right according to who?! ;) You keep smiling, Pete! Thanks for making time here, it means a lot to me!

  7. You can never smile too much, especially if you have a beautiful face and smile like yours. Keep up the happy faces and you’ll be a model in no time. We would love to get your feedback on a few of our short stories at Gastradamus. So please check out Miss Scarlet and Blue Jasmine and let us know what you think model of the future

  8. Hi Christy
    Keep smiling I say, I do believe it is both positive and healthy to smile and move forward and learn from our experiences. Lovely to see your sunny smile – hugs Jennifer x X X

  9. No one can ever smile too much, in my book! I love to see smiley faces because, like you, Christy, I smile all the time. It does make people feel good to smile, and the health benefits speak for themselves. Smiling is definitely contagious, too. It’s hard not to smile back at someone who’s grinning at you! Lovely post, Christy. 😃

  10. My favorite thing about smiles is the moment when I smile at a stranger who seems lost in thought and see an answering smile turn on a light in her eyes. I’m with you about smiling being a gift to giftee and giver.

  11. The other day I was out doing my grocery shopping and I saw an elderly lady with a birthday badge and bright pink hairdo sitting at the supermarket cafe. We shared a smile even though I don’t know her. It was one of those lovely moments that stay with you and make you wonder. A smile is truly a wonderful, and powerful blessing. Lovely post Christy. :)

    1. The story you shared here is a powerful one, Marje. It reminds us that sharing a smile with a stranger can be a highlight to the day. And it is a very touching moment xx

  12. I love this happy post Christy! I could feel your smile radiate through your words. Sure you can smile so much that sometimes your face hurts, lol, I’ve had that happen to me. But DON’T YOU EVER let anyone tell you that you smile too much! Those are the people who don’t smile enough, and you don’t need to catch any of that contagious negativity! You keep smiling that beautiful smile and the world will always smile back at you. xoxoxo<3

    1. Oh I love what you write about the world smiling back –>> such a great image, Deb. Thanks for spending time here <3

  13. Loved it, loved it…your post rocks. You smile, I smile…the whole world smiles. It is contagious. It’s always better to be happy than sad. Smiling makes your whole body feel awesome and good. No matter what is happening in one’s life, if you can muscle up a smile, it makes you feel better.

    1. Oh yes, smiling perks us up right away! I’m glad you came by to share your beautiful smile with us xx Better happy than sad, indeed

  14. Aha! Now I know the meaning of the phrase “grin and bear it”. I agree that smiling is a good thing, and it should be done as much as possible. A smiling face is a beautiful face – no matter how wrinkly or how smooth it is. I like to smile too, especially when meeting someone new just to make the atmosphere more relaxed. However I’ve had some moments when I’ve smiled randomly at strangers but they did not stare back. Deep down I like to think that they are thankful for a smile to brighten up their bad day :)

    I love your smiling selfie. Love the happy eyes too. Keep smiling, Christy :)

    1. Good point Mabel that sometimes we smile at strangers and they look away.. I won’t stop doing it though! Thanks for such a great comment here and your eyes look happy to me too! I hope you have a weekend full of smiles :)

  15. Smiling – even when you don’t feel like it – releases happy hormones and can literally “lift” your moon. I do that – a lot. But this post right here is why I love you! xo

    1. Ohhh I’m so proud of you for your new site and book :) You are smiling and so am I, which makes for a great Friday! Love you too xx

  16. Yes… smile!!!!
    You are so young and beautiful, and your smile is awesome! However, your awesome smile is not as etched as mine. As I am older, and have smiled longer, I have more smile lines. Don’t fret…. you will catch up!
    Much love, and miles of smiles from a smiler of wiles and coyotes.
    (Hope you get the last lines laugh…. meep , meep!)

    1. Haha I’m not as young as you probably think! Okay well you are beautiful from every angle, my dear, especially for your creative works and amazing mind xx Meep meep ;)

  17. Hello pretty you— CB, this is a lovely post and I completely agree with you… You have such a radiant smile. When I first met you (via your profile pic) I thought: “How cute she is… and love her smile”: :) I did (also thought you were smart, of course)…. Wishing you the best… xo. :star:

    1. Ohhh I’m smiling now again thinking about how you first saw my photo.. Thanks AP for telling me that xx Shining star you! I always love your comments <3

  18. Yes, keep smiling! Us happy, positive, smiling people need to make up for the complainers and Eeyores of the world :)) (also just googled how to spell eeyore for the first time ever lol)

    1. Ohhh I do like the idea of being the happy folks rather than the Eeyore (I don’t know that I would have spelled it correctly either, hehe)

  19. Hi Smiling Christy… you are so right. Anyone who knows you knows your infectious smiles. Naturally we smile right back at you. “Smiling Christy” … maybe a new enduring name for you…

    Hugs as always

  20. Christy, this is a truly beautiful post. It may be your very best blog post. I’m so honored to be mentioned in it.
    You are so right. The world is so filled with darkness and pain, yet a simple smile can alleviate so much. I know the adage sounds horribly trite, but it is more true than ever… Smile at someone — it might be the only smile they see that day. Have a thriving Thursday, and (as they used to say) grin like a ‘possum!

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