The Week In Geek… With Precinct1313: Special Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Edition

All sorts of female awesomeness! Wow, October 21st was the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman and the United Nations named the character as an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Great! This post also features Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot, two Wonder Women who we admire. Thank you ArcaneHalloween for a great post! Reblog 🙂


ww75-2Welcome fellow agents of Precinct1313 to an extra special celebratory episode of ‘TheWeek In Geek’ where we share our favourite Comic Book, Video Game, and Cult Movie news for your perusal and pleasure. And ‘Great Hera’ do we have some awesome Amazonian articles to share with you, in our ongoing celebration of the Themysciran Titan’s 75th anniversary.

Wonder Women Join Forces At The United Nations…

wonderwomen Wonder Women

‘By the labyrinthian lair of the mighty Minotaur’ was Friday 21 of October an awesome day in the annals of Comic-Book history, not only did we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the world’s foremost female Superhero, but also, awesome Amazons; Lynda Carter and GalGadot came together to tag team the United Nations and accept the award for ‘HonoraryAmbassador For The Empowerment Of Women And Girls’ on behalf of the Princess ofThemyscira.

gglc-1 Amazons Lynda Carter And Gal Gadot…

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11 thoughts on “The Week In Geek… With Precinct1313: Special Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Edition

  1. Thank you for sharing Christy.. I so remember Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter.. And here’s to all of those women who inspire and whose bravery have made inroads for women today.. xxx Hugs Sue x

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