How Sharing The Load Of Raising Children Between Parents Is Vital To Your Child’s Development

Raising a child is a challenging experience. The old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” takes on a whole new meaning when a couple becomes parents for the first time. A child can survive in a single parent household, but most child psychologists agree that it is in the best interest of a child for both parents to divvy up the responsibilities of parenting and actively participate in raising their child.

Children Benefit from Co-Parenting

Children, whose parents help one another and take on the shared responsibility in all household and parenting duties, are likely to become better adjusted, happier, and healthier adults than children who have one parent that solely takes on the majority of child care in the home. Whether it is a simple task of packing your cute diaper tote, or cleaning up a spill, your child is watching and learning from your behavior.

Parents raising the kids as a team

Parents: They are a team. Photo Source: Pixabay.

Social and Psychological Benefits

Children benefit, both socially and psychologically, from having both parents participate in child-rearing. They learn how to communicate and resolve conflict, as well as many other useful skills, from how their parents handle parenting and other household responsibilities. Children will learn from and practice these skills throughout their lives, so it is important to set a good example early on.

Young Children Are Very Impressionable

Children are like sponges. They soak up everything they can touch, see, or hear and form their own beliefs and understandings from watching others interact with one another. From the time they are born, children begin to learn and mimic the behaviors of their parents and other close family members.

When a child is young, it is important for them to witness the benefits of the successful teamwork between his or her parents in order to apply those same skills in their own life. The way mom and dad behave and communicate with one another, as well as others, will make an impression on the child at an early age.


For parents to be successful at sharing the responsibility of having a child, it is important to build a strong relationship and form teamwork. If one parent sees the other struggling, he or she should step in and help, if possible, in order to balance some of the stress of parenting out between both partners. It is important for parents to be on the same page and work to communicate effectively in order to avoid conflict, which can cause more damage than good to a child’s emotional health.

Conflict Resolution

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The Week In Geek… With Precinct1313: Special Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Edition

All sorts of female awesomeness! Wow, October 21st was the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman and the United Nations named the character as an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Great! This post also features Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot, two Wonder Women who we admire. Thank you ArcaneHalloween for a great post! Reblog 🙂


ww75-2Welcome fellow agents of Precinct1313 to an extra special celebratory episode of ‘TheWeek In Geek’ where we share our favourite Comic Book, Video Game, and Cult Movie news for your perusal and pleasure. And ‘Great Hera’ do we have some awesome Amazonian articles to share with you, in our ongoing celebration of the Themysciran Titan’s 75th anniversary.

Wonder Women Join Forces At The United Nations…

wonderwomen Wonder Women

‘By the labyrinthian lair of the mighty Minotaur’ was Friday 21 of October an awesome day in the annals of Comic-Book history, not only did we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the world’s foremost female Superhero, but also, awesome Amazons; Lynda Carter and GalGadot came together to tag team the United Nations and accept the award for ‘HonoraryAmbassador For The Empowerment Of Women And Girls’ on behalf of the Princess ofThemyscira.

gglc-1 Amazons Lynda Carter And Gal Gadot…

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The Teenage Girl – Let’s Break Some Stereotypes

Today’s guest post is from Kelli Joan Bennett, an amazing writer, actor, and producer of films who I met through Twitter. Her newest project is the documentary film High School 9-1-1. Both producer Kelli and the females in the movie are worthy of being called “inspiring,” in my opinion. Decide for yourself. Take it away, Kelli:


A documentary that breaks gender stereotypes

Slashing Female Stereotypes

What do you think teenage girls are capable of?  Spending exorbitant amounts of time on their hair?  Living for social media?  Texting nonstop?  Being boy crazy?  Do stereotypical teen descriptors such as immature, rebellious, shallow, or gossipy rush into your mind accompanied by images of spoiled brats from MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 or emotional basket cases from Glee?  Thanks to the media’s portrayal of teens, words like responsible, dependable, professional, confident, skilled, and respectful do NOT immediately pop up.  Neither does saving lives.

I am never more inspired by someone than when they are doing something completely unexpected.  That was certainly the case when I began producing the documentary High School 9-1-1 about Darien EMS–Post 53 the only teen run ambulance service in the United States.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Teenagers run an ambulance service.  Literally.  They drive the ambulances.  They are the EMTs.  They run the government of the organization.  And yes, it’s legal.  What inspires me even more than teenagers running an emergency medical service is that Darien EMS–Post 53 is made up of 50% girls!

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Men Vs. Women: The Pay Divide Between Genders in Major Sports

Today’s guest post is by freelance graphic designer James Smith of vouchercloud. When James came to me with an infographic that pointed out the sobering pay gap between men and women in major sports, I knew it was an important topic for a blog post. He kindly agreed to pen a post and it follows below, along with the infographic at the end. Take it away, James!

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The Gender Wage Gap Continues in Tennis

She Plays Tennis. Does She Make as Much Money as Man?

Gender & Sport: Where is the Balance?

With women continuing to impress on the world sporting stage, it would be natural to assume they’ve been able to bridge the money gap between themselves and their male counterparts – but have they?

While figures like Ronda Rousey, Serena Williams and Brazilian football star Marta are slowly becoming household names, is that sort of increased presence being recognised from a financial perspective for female athletes?

Tennis: Men Vs. Women for Wages

Tennis is arguably the sport which sees the closest parity between the sexes, with equal prize money currently offered at all major tournaments.

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