Author Joseph De Cross on Feminism and a Female U.S. President

Please join me in welcoming Joseph De Cross, the author of the political thriller Code 13: Life of a Madam President. Joseph kindly accepted my invitation to visit and discuss his views on the election of a female U.S. President, which is what he proposes will happen in his newest novel. He also chats about feminism and family.

Let’s give Joseph the stage:

Joseph De Cross Profile Photo

Author Joseph De Cross discusses a future with a female President.

Joseph De Cross, “here, here!” Talking about women issues and getting inspired on a daily basis! I was raised by a single mom through the 60’s and 70’s. She was the typical housewife that took over a business, left by an ex-hubby that didn’t want to deal with child support.

This, I think, connected me with femininity and its core issues. I have been told by social media friends (yes, ladies!) that I’m a good listener and a sensitive person. I started writing poetry and eventually prose. This paved the way for screenwriting and publishing.

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Benefits of Stretching for the Female Body and the Mind

Stretching for the Female Body and MindStretching has several excellent physical and mental health benefits for the body, regardless of your gender. But this is a blog about women, so I’m targeting the post for the female body. There are great reasons to take the time to stretch on a regular basis, even on the busy days!

Stretching Increases Flexibility

One of the many benefits of stretching is the increase in body flexibility that is achievable with the movements. Flexibility refers to the range of motion for a particular joint or another body movement. When done on a regular basis, stretching increases flexibility.

As being flexible is an important part of many sports, you likely will also start to notice developments in your athletic abilities. Yoga, for example, requires a high level of motion of the joints. When you stretch on a regular basis, you increase flexibility and likely will achieve a higher performance level in yoga.

How Stretching Prevents Injuries

Another benefit of stretching is the reduced potential for bodily injuries. You can stretch in conjunction with exercise warm-ups. By stretching before vigorous physical exercise, such as running, you warm up your joints and muscles to prepare them for the activity. Stretching increases the range of motion of muscles and joints so that they are less likely to tear during exercise.

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A Chat with the San Francisco Women’s Building

I just saw this post and loved seeing the the mural on the San Francisco Women’s Building that is captured in great photos by Robert M. Goldstein. As per the post I am reblogging, “The Mission of the Women’s Building is based on the premise that all women and girls have the right to safe, joyous and creative lives; lives in which they have the right of self-determination.” Here, here!

Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein The Women’s Building

I call this post a ‘chat’ with the San Francisco Women’s Buildingbecause when I view the mural I feel as if I’m in a conversation about community, personal responsibility, a positive vision of the future, and the joy of creative collaboration.

Art by Rob Goldstein Creativity

MaestraPeace Muralwas painted in 1994 by Bay Area muralists: Juana Alicia, Miranda Bergman, Edythe Boone, Susan Kelk Cervantes, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton and Irene Perez.

The mural was fully cleaned and restored in 2012 by the original muralists assisted by a new generation of muralistas.

Art by Rob Goldstein Padre 2016

The San Francisco Women’s Building is the first community center in the country that is owned and operated by women.

The Mission of the Women’s Buildingis based on the premise that all women and girls have the right to safe, joyous and creative lives; lives in which they have the right of self-determination.

Art by Rob Goldstein Madre 2016

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