Why Being a Strong Independent Woman is Great for Your Relationship

A strong women

She is strong, independent, and in a relationship.

The term “independent woman” need not only apply to a single woman. Instead, let’s talk about how a woman can hold onto her independence and strength while still being in a romantic relationship. Firstly, what exactly is an independent woman?

Defining an Independent Woman

To be independent, regardless of one’s gender, is to refuse to be under another person’s control, whether this control is in thought or action. I think a lot of men and women respect this way of being as it is strong-willed and genuine.

In fact, I would argue that independence in a woman is a very attractive feature for many people. I won’t say all people because not everyone likes the same things, as with any other aspect of life.

Regarding the “strong” aspect of a woman, this article refers to emotional strength, rather than the physical variety. Strong women are not trying to emulate men but instead embrace their femininity and know their own worth.

Issues with Female Independence in a Relationship

Unfortunately, that very likeable quality of independence in a woman may later become the very same thing that later hinders a relationship. For example, she may refuse to let her partner help her, not wanting to be a burden to someone else.

This woman must then deal with the full emotional burden and stress that comes with this particular project, all on her own. As for the other person in the relationship, this individual may feel unwanted. Ultimately, the relationship suffers, from both sides, whether it is in the dating phase or marriage.

Independent Woman in a Relationship

An independent woman in a happy, healthy relationship.

Staying A Strong Independent Woman AND Helping the Relationship

But, what if I said there was a way to be a strong independent woman and have a healthy relationship, all at the same time? I would even go so far as to argue that her independence can IMPROVE a relationship.

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Literary Prizes Just for Women? Yay or Nay?

As a female author, I do hope that gender equality will happen in my lifetime. But, I don’t know if it will become a reality that soon. Here are my thoughts on having female literary prizes (as reblogged from my other blog Poetic Parfait). Do you agree? Yay or nay?

Poetic Parfait

Do you think there should still be literary prize categories just for women? Is it actually setting back the clock on gender equality or helping the cause?

Sometimes I have wondered about this point and today wanted to put it out to the crowd (aka you wonderful peeps). For example, there is the Baileys Woman’s Prize for Fiction. It has good intentions by celebrating excellence and originality in women writers around the globe. But, is separating out women really doing a disservice to the female gender? After all, doesn’t gender equality in its purest sense mean not differentiating between different prizes for each gender?

Interestingly, the original name for Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction was Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction. Note that there is no mention of the female gender in the previous title.

However, on the other hand (just to play devil’s advocate), maybe women do need to be…

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